The Congressmen Who Lied About WMD in Iraq

I love America, I served our country in the US Air Force for 24 years, went into war (Iraq/2003), would have sacrificed my life for the innocent Muslims in Iraq who were being slaughtered by Saddam, and to this day I devote myself to doing the little bit I can to educate people on the dangers of Islam and Shariah law.

To this day I still get emails and phone calls about the issue of WMD in Iraq. Although this is now going on eleven years since we went into Iraq to hunt for WMD, it is still as important an issue for me today as it was in 2003. Most people do not know the truth about WMD in Iraq. I believe President Bush was betrayed by senior U.S. officials who were on the ground in Iraq and supposed to be carrying out a high priority mission of searching for WMD.

I was sent into Iraq for two primary objectives. One was to hunt the Saddam supporters, and the second was to search for WMD. I was in southern Iraq and numerous Iraqi’s risked their lives to provide information about WMD sites. There were four primary sites identified near Nasiriyah, Iraq. My team and I reported our information to the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) in Baghdad. We needed heavy equipment and personnel to excavate the four sites. The Iraqi’s from different backgrounds said if the U.S. doesn’t excavate the WMD, then insurgents from Iran would do so, and some would go to Syria. After repeated requests to the ISG, the sites were never excavated. In late 2003, President Bush says the hunt for WMD is over.

When I returned from Iraq in the summer of 2003, I left federal service because I wanted to go public about the suspected sites in Iraq that were never searched. I was informed by U.S. Federal Agents that some of the Iraqi’s who had identified the sites had been killed by Saddam forces and Al Qaeda. I have always said I don’t know if there was WMD in Iraq, but I do know that sites the ISG team told President Bush were excavated, in reality were not.

In early 2004 a prominent journalist who is still active today contacted me. He wanted to do a TV interview about WMD in Iraq. The interview was aired. This journalist again contacted me and wanted me to meet with a U.S. Congressman to provide all of the details about WMD. For 24 years I had not been aware of the major differences between Republicans and Democrats. I just loved my country and would have gave my life for any Commander in Chief, regardless of political views.

The journalist said Congressman Curt Weldon (R – PA) wanted to meet with me. I was flown to DC. I met Congressman Weldon and gave him all of the intelligence about WMD and how to verify my information. While in Iraq I had written several classified intelligence reports and a Congressman could easily obtain them. Weldon obtained the reports and this verified my information. Weldon was very excited and he wanted Congressman Pete Hoekstra to speak with me. This occurred. Weldon and his Chief of Staff Russ Caso then wanted me to arrange to have one of the Iraqi’s who had identified one site, to come to DC and meet with him and Hoekstra.

You can see the emails between Caso, Weldon, and I about bringing the Iraqi to Weldon’s office. After Weldon met the Iraqi he came up with a plan for us to travel to Iraq, go to the suspected WMD sites and then have a team excavate the sites. Weldon said if WMD is found we will inform the media, but if nothing is found no one would be informed. He said the trip to Iraq would be setup as a visit of the troops. Weldon and Hoekstra informed me that no other politician should be told about this, not anyone in the military and especially no one from the CIA.

Weldon went on to say we would bring four of the Iraqi informants along to Iraq. They had been granted asylum in America because of their assistance to our country. Weldon said the Iraqis would likely not be able to return from Iraq because their asylum stated they could not return to Iraq, and if they did they would lose their asylum. I told Weldon and Caso that I did not want to be part of any scenario that would put the Iraqi’s in danger. They had saved many American lives and I would not take them to Iraq, left, and definitely to be killed by Al Qaeda. This upset Weldon, Hoekstra, and Caso. I cancelled the trip back to Iraq.

A sampling of the emails from Caso and Weldon to me about bringing the Iraqi’s to his office and the trip to Iraq:


Please contact him and I can go pick him up. Also please give me a call when you get a minute at 202-225-xxxx..



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Please arrange this for me tomorrow

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Yes Sir, I can contact him now. I do not know if he has transportation, would there be any possibility for a car to pick him up? .If you tell me
what time, I know he would want to speak with you. He id’d the site in Basra. He speaks English pretty good, but his wife speaks perfect English (she was an Iraqi Doctor). It might be good for her to come also. thank
you, Dave Gaubatz

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Can I meet with him privately tomorrow?



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Congressman Weldon,

Below is additional information: Hassan XXXX (former Nasiriyah and Basra Iraqi Police Captain) was granted humanitarian parole (political asylum) in 2003 by the U.S. State Department partly due to his information he provided on one of the WMD sites near Nasiriyah. He risked his life to take me to a site. He lives in Washington DC with his family and would assist by going to sites as well. He is very familiar with the locations and understands the people from the area. He would be good for language and safety issues as well. thank you, Dave Gaubatz

I have numerous emails from Weldon and Caso. I have again reported on this matter because I know there is a high probability insurgents from Syria and Iran excavated the WMD in Iraq, and there is a high probability it will be used against innocent people. Possibly some of it was used against Syrians by the Syrian government. I also believe it is important for people to know that I do not play the politics card. Regardless if one is a Democrat or Republican, if they put our country in danger I will expose them.

It should be noted that during our out processing from Iraq we had to have a medical checkup. My medical report says I was exposed to high levels of radiation and the water in Iraq had high levels of radiation.

While the media goes wild about an 82 year old owner of an NBA team (Clippers) going on a racist rant, we have Islamic terrorists who will likely use WMD inside our country. Where are our priorities?