FL District 9 Congressional Candidate Jorge Bonilla Calls for VA IG Investigation and vouchers for veterans

Florida District 9 Republican Congressional candidate Jorge Bonilla released the following statement calling for an Inspector General investigation of the Department of Veterans Affairs and vouchers for veterans to obtain healthcare outside the single-payer VA system:

The unfolding scandal surrounding the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has revealed many ugly truths about the executive competence of this administration and about the disastrous practical application of single-payer healthcare in the United States. But worst of all, this scandal has revealed the extent to which we have reneged on our solemn debt of honor towards our returning heroes.

I recently called on Secretary Eric Shinseki to step down from the VA. However, we continue to receive new reports of clandestine wait lists, with no concrete action yet taken.

It is now time for our Commander in Chief to lead from the front, and relieve Secretary Shinseki of his duties at the VA. Rather than send a deputy chief of staff to review a single clinic, I call on the White House to appoint an independent Inspector General to conduct a system wide review of the manner in which our Veterans are cared for.

A proper investigation of the wait list scandal also calls for the appointment of a special independent prosecutor. A thorough, unimpeded investigation of the facts at hand will determine whether or not these are indeed isolated incidents, and if not, whether there is probable cause for prosecution of those responsible under federal RICO statutes.

Make no mistake; if the deaths of over 40 Veterans and the needless suffering of countless others are the result of denied care as part of a systemic effort to enforce wait list metrics, then we have broken faith with our Wounded Warriors, and there is no other option except to pursue swift justice.

Finally, I join Congressional Republicans who have called for enactment of a Veterans’ voucher system. Our Veterans are at the short end of the sort of bureaucratic entanglements and critical staffing shortages that are endemic to the single-payer healthcare system, and this is unacceptable.

Veterans (or all Americans, actually) should be able to see a doctor of their choice at a time of their choice. A voucher system could break the logjam at the VA, and allow those who need specialized VA care to receive it in a timely manner.

This is the very least we could do for those to whom we owe a debt of honor