Lamenting the First Black President

I’m happy that the American electorate showed the world that we are not racists; that we can elect a black person to be president of the United States. Too bad the first black president had to be Barack Obama.

I am one American who is utterly embarrassed having a president who is either a bumbling incompetent fool or is deftly working against the best interests of America, whether on the international front or the domestic side. The issues are infinite. I have written endlessly from the beginning of his presidency to the present time, pointing out the array of broken campaign promises and actions taken (or not taken) which harm our country, and our credibility abroad.

We can belabor each “scandal” to death, but when we form the aggregate of all the failures and bunglings, like assembling the tiles of a mosaic, they form an undeniable picture. We either have a president who is way out of his league, or he is working for the destruction of America as we know it…which might very well be a kept promise from the first night he won the 2008 election, saying, “We are going to fundamentally transform America.”   Now, we know what he meant…and it’s not good.

Assuming Mr. Obama might be innocently incompetent, we have only our voters to blame. They fell for a line of crap from a man who never even held a job, though his history was marinated in socialism. Voters were buffaloed into believing “hope” and “change” had some kind of substantial definition, when it had none. It was merely a slogan to lure the fish to the boat.

Though we don’t hear much about it any more, his entire history is still unresolved, how he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 when American passports were not being accepted; why and how he made so many friends in the Islamic world; how his college educated was financed; why he never releases his college admission records for review by Americans; why he withheld releasing a birth certificate for three years spending millions for lawyers fighting subpoenas before coming up with a document which has been deemed a forgery by numerous graphics experts; how he was raised Muslim until the age of ten and what impact that had on his perspectives of America; what influences did Frank Marshall Davis, his long-time childhood mentor and devout communist, had on his psyche; why he had backing from Saudi Arabia before entering Harvard law school; why and how he never held a regular job nor ever tried a case as an lawyer…a community organizer being nothing more than a fund raising machine to usher himself into power. Nothingqualified him to be a president other than a college degree.

The first few months gave us signals; the dismissal of federal charges against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation activities which indicated that Mr. Obama might be a racist in his own right. Then the reach-out speech in Cairo to the Muslim world which has accomplished the reverse results…which signaled his partiality toward Islam and employing people connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in the highest levels of government.

Later, all the scandals, which…if it were any other president…would have signaled violations of his oath of office. But Mr. Obama, with his protective coats of arms in Harry Reid and Eric Holder, and wishful president, Hillary Clinton, — not to mention a lap-dog media – has gotten away with transgressions for which no other president would have been excused. The best known, of course, are Fast and Furious, selling arms to terrorists in Mexico for which no one has been held accountable; supporting Arab Spring which was nothing other than a power move by the Muslim Brotherhood to take control of the middle-east.; deploying military forces – without congressional approval – over Libya to help depose Moamar Ghadaffi when, in fact, he was posing no threat to the U.S; calling for the removal of Egypt’s Mubarak – our ally who also supported Israel – in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood; calling for Israel to return to their 1967 borders, an act that would be suicide to our dearest ally in the Middle East. Does anyone still wonder where Obama’s heart lies? Has he once decried the systemic annihilation of Christians and churches in the middle-east?

The list is seemingly endless. The IRS scandal targeting political opposition, the VA broken promises paying no attention to the avoidable deaths of veterans, the NSA’s intrusions, Benghazi’s crimes and cover-ups, and then negotiating with terrorists to secure the release from Gitmo’s five detainees who are the Taliban’s equivalent to Hitler’s Martin Bormann, Herman Goerring, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Rudolf Hess.

The United Sates has had black leaders, past and present, who would be a credit to the office of president should they ever be elected. Sure, they have all had their flaws, but they could have brought bring dignity to the office with resumes that highlight their life’s accomplishments, solving problems, working and holding jobs.  Here are a few:

 Deval Patrick, Democrat.

Current governor of Massachusetts since 2006.  Graduated Harvard Law School Cum Laude, serving as a law clerk for a federal judge, then linked up with the NAACP to work on civil rights issues. Trial lawyer for a Boston firm for nearly eight years before being appointed as a U.S. Ass’t Attorney General by Bill Clinton in 1994. After three years in the public arena, he returned to private practice until 2005 when he ran for governor. People may dispute his political views, but Governor Patrick is respected and admired by folks on both sides of the aisle.

Douglas Wilder, Democrat.

Wilder served as governor of Virginia from 1990 – 1994 and later as mayor of Richmond from 2005 – 2009.  Considered a “moderate” democrat, Wilder was known for his fiscal conservatism while extolling liberal ideas on the social/civil rights side of politics. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War earning a Bronze Star. After earning a law degree from HowardUniversity, established a law practice in Richmond for ten years, then entered politics as a state senator in 1969.  In 1985, be became Lieutenant Governor, then governor in 1989 for one term.

Edward W. Brooke III, Republican

Served as the senator from Massachusetts from 1967 – 1979 after serving four years as the state’s Attorney General. After serving honorably as an Army captain in WWII, Brooke went to BostonLawSchool in 1948. In 1950, he won a seat in the state’s House of Representatives and went on to become appointed as the Chair of the Financial Commission of Boston. From there, he was elected Attorney General of Massachusetts where he worked five years until his election as governor in 1967.

 Tim Scott, Republican

Tim Scott is the current U.S. Senator from South Carolina, filling a vacancy by appointment the state governor. Previously, Scott served as a member of the state’s House of Representatives. From 1995 – 2009, Scott served on the Charleston County Council. Generally considered a staunch conservative, he is often criticized by black democrats. He holds a degree in political science from Charleston Southern University. His early personal life is replete with years of poverty and struggle.

Thurgood Marshall, Democrat

Marshall, whose grandfather had been a slave, graduated Howard University Law school, first in his class of 1933.  Eventually, he served as the first black Supreme Court justice from 1967 -1991. Before that, he was a U. S. Solicitor General. As an attorney affiliated with the NAACP, he worked on numerous cases for the advancement of civil rights.

Colin Powell, Republican

Born in Harlem, raised in the Bronx, Powell is best known for his military service to the U.S., as the first black four-star general and head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A Vietnam veteran and full of decorations throughout his career, Powell was also the first black Secretary of State under President G.W. Bush. He was considered by many as a viable candidate for a presidential run, but chose not to. He also mysteriously supported Barack Obama’s campaign, despite remaining a republican

Condoleeza Rice, Republican

The first female National Security Adviser and then first female Secretary of State, appointed by President G.W. Bush, Ms. Rice grew up in Birmingham and later earned masters and doctorate degrees in political science at Notre Dame and University of Denver. In 1993, she was appointed provost of StanfordUniversity. Known for her intellectual skills, she also speaks Russian and French, plays concert piano and was one of the first women to be accepted into the August National Golf Club.

Let’s keep our eye on Doctor Ben Carson, pediatric neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins, a rising star politician whose career is laden with real accomplishments, including the saving of many lives, bringing joy and honor to his service.  Something we cannot say for Barack Obama who cannot correctly pronounce the word “Corpsman.”

Dr. Carson is one of many black dignitaries who I would happily vote for president. Better yet, maybe he’d nominate Allen West to be his vice president. That would suit me fine, I trust them both. The loathing that millions of Americans have for Barack Obama has nothing to do with his color. It’s about his character, which has been exposed over and over again. The sooner he is gone, the better for America.

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