Police state? Impeach Obama activist targeted by Wisconsin police chief

What type of country are we becoming when freedom of expression becomes a target of those legally granted with governmental power? Such is the question I ponder having just finished a visit with the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) in Ann Arbor Michigan, reviewing some of their current cases. I found this one particularly interesting.

You may be aware of the “Impeach Obama” overpass movement — quite certain they may be getting lots more “honks” these days.

It seems that one Chief of Police, Timothy Keleman of Campbell, Wisconsin not only doesn’t appreciate this exercise of the First Amendment, he’s making it personal.

Enter Mr. Greg Luce, a devout Catholic and member of the Tea Party. He opposes President Obama on several issues, including the president’s stance on abortion. Luce was targeted for retaliation after he spoke out against a city ordinance which prohibits citizens from displaying the American flag, banners and wearing t-shirts that call for the impeachment of President Obama on a pedestrian highway overpass managed by the town.

Silly me, I thought overpasses were part of the public square and since the taxpayer funds the overpass — I am assuming in this case, their freedom to assemble and express themselves in petitioning their government for redress of grievances was their right.

Perhaps in the “fundamentally transformed” America of Barack Hussein Obama I may be wrong? And I just have to ask, if there were individuals gathered on the overpass burning the American flag — even without an open burn permit — would there be any such hoopla? Oh yeah, for many that’s acceptable freedom of expression – not for me of course.

Well, apparently ol’ Chief Keleman didn’t appreciate Mr. Luce, an American citizen, standing up for his rights. Chief Keleman decided to use Gregory Luce’s personal information, including his home address, telephone number and e-mail address to create profiles and accounts on numerous pornographic and dating websites featuring homosexual men, insurance companies, and the “Obamacare” website healthcare.gov. The accounts created by Kelemen resulted in Luce receiving approximately 15 phone calls in a single day regarding the profiles made using his information.

Additionally, Chief Kelemen, under the username “Bill O’Reilly,” posted a number of inflammatory and harassing comments on the website of local newspaper, the La Crosse Tribune, including 7 comments on the article regarding the filing of the initial lawsuit. Within the comments, Chief Kelemen posted that Luce had “disrespected the wrong mo fo,” as well as posting false comments about Mr. Luce wetting himself and posting Luce’s home address.

Seems that the wrong mo fo, Chief Keleman, graduated from the Barney Fife school of law enforcement. After initially denying any involvement in the harassment of Luce, the Chief ultimately admitted the harassment as an attempt to “get back at” Luce after detectives told him they had traced the unwanted solicitations to his IP addresses at the police department and his home. Detectives have referred their investigation to the Monroe County District Attorney for criminal prosecution under Wisconsin law.

Chief Keleman appears to be well-versed in Saul Alinsky’s tactic of personal destruction of the opposition, something perfected by current liberal progressive socialists who have carefully studied his Rules for Radicals.

Persecution by government officials via coercion and intimidation has no place in our Constitutional Republic. Hat tip to TMLC for taking up this case, and I certainly hope Chief Timothy Kelemen is sent away for a nice taxpayer-funded incarceration for violating the public trust and for dishonoring his oath to serve and protect the people.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on AllenBWest.com.