60,000 Illegal Alien Kid Invasion is Nothing!

Everyone’s panties are in a wad because 60,000 illegal alien kids showing up at one time to be let in the country. Do something cry the politicians to President Obama, who apparently by his inaction loves the chaos, as if this is a big deal . I’ll prove it isn’t.

In a small Mexican village of adobe huts and dirt paths lives brothers Juan and Jose who marry sisters Juanita and Maria. Juan and Juanita hear if they can get to the U.S. that life is easy, especially if Juanita, who is pregnant, can have her baby just across the border. They get across the unguarded border and Juanita gives birth to a baby named Pedro a day later. The baby is declared a U.S. citizen and the hospital writes off the cost of the delivery because Jose has no money. Officially they are the parents of a U.S. citizen most commonly known as an “Anchor Baby” because that is the key to welfare. Pedro is now on the Taxpayer’s dime until adulthood.

This event happens approximately 30,000 times every month amounting to billions of dollars a year taxpayers have to pay to support babies born to foreigners on our soil.

Sixty thousand illegal alien kids showing up at the border is equivalent to only about two months of illegal aliens giving birth in the U.S. If there was as much uproar about illegal alien births in the country then legislation might get passed.

Why haven’t the politicians amended the Immigration and Naturalization Act to end the misinterpretation? Call and ask. If they pass HR 140 Birthright Citizenship Act of 2013 into law it would end the insanity but for sure the Democrats won’t want to end it since citizenship to them is only a word.


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