Justina’s Release Shows Power of Citizen Outrage Against Government Force

1. Justina Pelletier is finally released! Shows the power of citizen outrage against government force. But is this nightmare our future? Can we stop it?

The Justina case had such national appeal because the average person was simply awestruck. No one could believe the barbaric behavior of a government agency against a defenseless family from another state. Nor could they fathom the sheer arrogance of government bureaucrats, the judiciary, and even elected legislators in the face of any decency or even common sense. More

2. Answering the lie of “gay marriage and the wrong side of history” – Boston Globe column by Jeff Jacoby.

By now we’ve probably all heard propaganda sound bite from the homosexual movement, that “gay marriage” throughout America is “inevitable” and that if you don’t get on board you’re “on the wrong side of history.” Jeff Jacoby has written a rebuttal to that. More

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