BREAKING NEWS: Bill Clinton headed to Florida — Hide your daughters and cigars

The Florida Democrat Party is getting ready for a big shindig with cigars at their big Inaugural Leadership Blue Weekend Gala. This monster fest redistribution of trans fatty acids and calories event will be held with key note speaker William Jefferson Clinton this coming Saturday June 28th, 2014 at the Westin Diplomat Hotel.

Breaking news on the dinner

The Democrats have just now changed the name of the event from the Jefferson – Jackson dinner to the Inaugural Leadership Blue Weekend Gala.  Maybe Harry Reid pulled the trade mark on the name to honor any slaves left in the Democrat Party’s caucus.

Apparently the Communist’s,  I mean the Democrats finally decided not to honor President Jackson  who was a substantial planter, owning many slaves, and while he insisted that they be treated “humanely,” he showed no disposition to disturb the legal and constitutional arrangements that maintained the slave system.

Then there was the other guy Jefferson,  one of the wealthiest slave owners in Virginia on paper during 1788–1789, owning more than 200 slaves.  Jefferson the great guy that he was did formally free two of his 200 slaves during his lifetime.  I am not sure but I think Michelle Obama’s second cousin 5th returned was one of the lucky gals… But times change and thanks to the Republican Party’s opposition to slavery  Michelle now gets to live rent free in government housing  in Washington DC.  President  Lincoln we salute you.

Also, good news. If you want to meet the Chairman of the Florida Democrat Party she too will be in attendance but hide the adult brewages from this Progressive Pinocchio. She just claimed Florida had  dramatic May job losses.

Ref: Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement: “Floridians deserve a governor they can lean on in these difficult economic times. Rick Scott promised Floridians 1.7 million jobs, but he has failed to deliver.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Florida was at a 6.3% unemployment in May 2014. Under Charlie Crist we were at over 11%. Florida overall has added nearly 193,000 jobs in the last year. That’s the third highest in the nation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Florida trailed Texas and California.

So  the progressive propaganda machine trundles along unchecked by the sheeple and the liberal dope heads and the Senior Chief types away  bringing good cheer and solid facts to the underground Communist Party. It pisses them off to no end.

The Florida Democrat-Progressive-Communist Party are people of principle. According to their website they:

“Stand for affordable health care and better schools to fighting for civil rights and access to the ballot box, Florida Democrats are leading every day to move our state forward.”

So let me see, did we start putting up military  check points and barbed wire fences around the ballot boxes during elections cycles?  Perhaps access to ballot boxes is difficult for Democrats because they cannot speak English and have a hard time with directions on maps.  Maybe plugging in a GPS coordinate is just too hard for these folks?

Hmm, insurance rates on health insurance premiums are sky rocketing and will soon be out of reach for middle class Americans.  Civil Rights ?  Really.  The Democrat Party created the Klu Klux Klan.  These people are so full of  crap I have to laugh and wonder why people join this club.  Its more of a cult actually.  Common core in our  schools is a centralized Communist – United Nations backed dumbing down of our kids to teach them to be compliant Marxist’s not individual thinkers.

Anyway boys and girls if the Tea Party would like to welcome President Long Legged Mack Daddy cigar boy Clinton with Gadsden Flags and Go Home Commie he will be at the Westin Diplomat Hotel. Hollywood Florida this Saturday the 28th of June. At  7 pm he starts his speech. Hillary wont be tagging along so I am sure his hotel room will have a King size Pacifica with surrounding candles and bevy of Mexican house maids vice two single Queens.

Come on Tea Party have a damn rally. Line the streets and welcome Billy Boy this Saturday evening at the Westin Diplomat Hotel.

Dress up as secret service agents if you want but be polite and respectful. No egg throwing. Bring your signs and line the streets with a big WELCOME message.