How large should the population of the U.S. be?


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The United States is the third most populated country in the world behind India and China and on a path to increase our population from a current estimate by the Census Bureau of 316 million to 458 million by the 2050 and to as much as 1.1 billion by 2100 with all of the growth stemming from immigration. We have 5% of the world’s population but 20% of all immigrants.

Interestingly the greatest number of legal as well as illegal immigrants are from Mexico but the second and third greatest numbers are from China and India. What message should we get when the second and third largest populated countries citizens are leaving their countries to come here?

The rapid growth of the growth primarily fueled by legal and illegal immigrant growth raises major questions about the future of our country. We believe an independent commission be appointed to study immigration. We need questions answered such as:

  1. What is the purpose of mass immigration? Immigration has customarily been used throughout time to settle virgin lands of which we have none. A large part of the immigration population is considered family reunification but that should not be what an immigration policy should be based on and the Jordan Commission in 1996 concluded the same and said it should be eliminated.
  2. What should the maximum ideal population of the country be? Things like traffic congestion, natural resource shortages such as water, overburdened congested cities, loss of open space and a deteriorating quality of life are some of the important considerations that need to be determined.
  3. Refugee, Diversity, and Protected Status Programs all need to be evaluated. We have a cap of 85 thousand refugees to bring into the country every year and there are many organizations vying for the opportunity with the UN basically choosing who does get to come which is a program rife with payoffs and corruption. The refugees are brought and dumped in communities without their knowledge the refugees are arriving. Every refugee we bring in at an initial cost of $20 thousand paid for by the taxpayers amounts to $1.7 Billion a year. The Director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees Roger Winters estimates 500 refugees expenses could be covered for the cost of bringing one refugee here. Simple mathematics of 500 times 85,000 means without a refugee program we could handle the expenses for 42,500,000 refugees overseas for the same amount of money. The Diversity program is an embarrassment. Please find another country in the world with a more diverse population. Likewise the so-called “Temporary” Protected Status Program is anything but temporary. Over 200 thousand El Salvadorans were brought here in 2001 following an earthquake in the country. They are still here and will probably never leave. This is a program that should immediately be terminated.

It is obvious special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce want ever more immigrants coming to satisfy the corporate wants for cheap labor and ever increasing markets but that is not is what is in the best interests of the citizens.

Will you support an independent commission to study immigration and its long term impacts on our quality of life?