The Only Thing Dumber than Speaker Boehner Suing President Obama is a Republican Who Thinks it’s a Good Idea

This foolish political stunt undermines Republican political philosophy, convolutes Constitutional principles, and hands Obama and the Democrats a public relations victory… on a silver platter.

The DCCC sent out an email today stating, “We just found out that we’re within reach of breaking the record for our best online June EVER! Boehner certainly wasn’t bargaining for that when he announced his big plan to SUE President Obama last week. As of 9am, we’re 33,988 donations away from making grassroots history in our campaign to defeat Boehner’s Tea Party majority.”

Actually, Speaker Boehner should SUE HIMSELF, which is logically more consistent as it is HE who is the solution to the intent of his asinine lawsuit. All Boehner and the spineless majority Republicans in the House of Representatives have to do is SHUT THE DAMN MONEY FAUCET OFF TO OBAMA!



QUESTION: Where are Republicans who still believe in classic Republican political theory… and still want to live by those principles?


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