Celebrate Freedom from Rx Drugs: You Can Be Your Own Doctor If You Know the Cause — Most MDs Don’t

Medical textbooks are filled with diseases of “unknown etiology,” and if they don’t know the cause, how can the drug be the cure? Hippocrates was right–”Let your food be your medicine.”

For 40 years the drug industry has made trillions calling medical care ‘healthcare,’ creating the illusion of science and cure while hooking most people over 45 into bondage with drugs that don’t address the cause.

Medical textbooks are filled with diseases of “unknown etiology,” and if they don’t know the cause, how can the drug be the cure? It gives relief of symptoms but spells trouble later as every drug has a long list of adverse side effects that anyone can find in the Physicians Desk Reference at the public library.

Hippocrates was right–”Let your food be your medicine.” What we put in our mouths is usually the cause of medical symptoms. I offer my own example of how we do it to ourselves without recognizing the cause. I developed headaches and consulted the neurologist who taught medical students, only to be told that foods or beverages would be a very rare cause of my headaches.

I later learned the neurologist didn’t know when a colleague tested me and said I was allergic to wheat–bread, pasta, and pastry–foods I liked, but wasn’t smart enough to recognize the cause because my headaches were a delayed reaction.

If we become allergic to something, it acts like a poison to which we develop a tolerance. Tobacco is an example. People don’t get sick when they smoke. They get sick when they try to quit—symptoms come on withdrawal—like over the weekend when I wasn’t eating sandwiches that he took to work.

Many medical conditions are caused this way. It can be gastritis, colitis, arthritis—I had an executive say that sugar bothered his joints. Another one said cheese made his joints ache. A third said meat gave him arthritis. These were smart men who had figured it out on their own.

Symptoms care range from those of hypoglycemia to weakness, dizziness or muscle tension and insomnia and nervousness, or hyperactivity in kids.

My first case was an executive who was wiped out with fatigue and had all kinds of tests without finding the cause. But since she had hay fever, I thought she might have food allergies also, and asked her to avoid everything she ordinarily ate for a week.

She predictably got worse and then better. People can do this and one-by-one, add their regular food back into their diet one at a time, to see when they get their symptoms again.

If your doctor doesn’t know the cause, think food or chemicals because our bodies are built from what we put in our mouths, and we get a mountain load of chemicals with packaged food. If you have health problems, instead of reading the labels, don’t eat foods that came with labels until you sort out the cause.

Most people suffering medical problems could break free of the system with information from several chapters on diet that can be read online.  The author accurately described adverse drug reactions more than a century ago by saying that drugs change the form and location of the disease,

The author, Ellen White, was eulogized by Paul Harvey and Dr. Clive McCay wrote a six-page review and said there is “no better overall guide available today” (50+ years ago when he was head of nutrition  at Cornell University, but it’s still basically true.)

As a retired physician I am enjoying great health and freedom from medical care. I suggest reading Ellen White’s classic book on health and happiness on my website at http://ChooseABetterDestiny.com and viewing the best DVD I have found at http://RichardRuhling.com where visitors can see 5 minutes of it, including Dr. Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic on how to reverse cardiovascular disease.