The FBI Are Not America’s First-Line Defenders against Islamic Terrorism

American citizens are led to believe the FBI and it’s force of approximately 14,000 Federal Agents are America’s first line of defense against Islamic based terrorism. They are not. You, the American public are America’s first line of defense and if you do not do your job, we will have Al Qaeda and ISIS fighting in the streets of America and killing innocent Americans.

islamic book

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The thirty page booklet pictured right is found in most Sunni Islamic mosques, public libraries and even in U.S. public schools. It is produced in Saudi Arabia and then distributed all across America by the hundreds of thousands through organizations such as CAIR (Islamic terrorist organization). It is a book meant to capture the attention of young children with it’s pretty colors. There is only one problem. The book is written and edited by Islamic terrorists such as Ali Al Timimi. He is currently in a U.S. prison for terrorist activity against America. Article by the Investigative Project on Ali Al Timimi.

The FBI does not consider this book, written by a terrorists, to be dangerous and a form of violent Islamic material. The FBI has recently stated only about 10% of mosques in America have violent material in their mosques. They are not even close to the true percentage. At least 80 plus percent have violent materials in their mosques, the same materials Al Qaeda and ISIS use to educate their mujahadeen (fighters) in understanding ‘Pure Islam’ as their Prophet Mohammed desired 1400 years ago.

I can not even give a number on emails, phone calls, and one on one conversations I have had with Americans who complain they have contacted the FBI to provide information pertaining to suspected Islamic terrorist activity in America, only to be ridiculed by the Agents and called Islamaphobes.

No American should be demeaned by the FBI when they are trying to protect our country. The FBI works for Americans, not for politicians and Islamic organizations such as CAIR and ISNA.

The FBI has forgotten an age old tactic to solve crimes, specifically crimes committed by Islamic terrorists. Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is the number one method of obtaining evidence about criminal activity. FBI Agents as well as other Agents from various agencies are relying on electronic technology to solve and prevent crimes. One becomes detached from the American public when you rely on ‘computers’ to prevent Islamic terrorist attacks.

You must remember American citizens (does not include illegal aliens) have always been on the front lines protecting our country, not the FBI and it’s 23 year old college kids who are taught by liberal professors on how to combat criminal activity.

The FBI was formed in 1908. Who protected our country prior to their formation? Answer: You. If you have any information pertaining to Islamic based terrorism, do not let an FBI Agent ignore and ridicule you. you must insist they do their job and taken a written report. You should obtain the report number. Even information that is not validated to obtain criminal activity must be noted by the FBI using an internal numbering system. Agents have forgotten even intelligence provided that may seem insignificant could be very significant when added to other pieces of information.

When reporting information to the FBI, always obtain a business card from the Agent and request follow up, even if they intend to do nothing. If you believe they are not taking you seriously, make a formal complaint against the Agent.

A major problem with the FBI is that they are under the direction of U.S. Attorneys, and at the top of the chain is the U.S. attorney, currently Eric Holder. Americans should not expect to be greeted politely by FBI personnel when reporting information on Muslims suspected of being involved in terrorism. Their boss Eric Holder has made it known that Islam and Muslims receive a higher priority from our government, than a non Muslim U.S. citizen. In the FBI there is no such term as Islamic based terrorism.

Holder and his boss Obama, have made it very clear to all that terrorism committed by Muslims has no attachment to the Islamic ideology. How we can defeat an enemy when our government does not identify the enemy? We can’t, unless American citizens become more involved and do the intelligence gathering the FBI should be doing.

We must all get more involved in the security of our country. A good example is from a good friend of mine, Steve Amundson from California. Steve puts in many hours of his off time to get involved in educating as many Americans as he can in the dangers of the Islamic ideology and Islamic terrorists. Please read this article about Amundson’s recent work on educating Americans.

Get involved or be prepared to raise the white flag of surrender to Islam.

Remember: “A Radical Muslim’ is a ‘Practicing Muslim’, a ‘Moderate Muslim’ is a ‘non Practicing Muslim’ or otherwise known as an Apostate of Islam… The penalty for Apostasy under Sharia law is Death.”


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