“Medical” Marijuana: The History, the Strategy and the Profiteers

Who is behind the legalization of smoked pot as a medicine and why? Teresa Miller, a Florida resident, has decided to answer this key question.

To help understand what  is behind the Florida Amendment 2 initiative, Miller created a website with information, research, and articles on medical marijuana and its consequences. Miller provides thoughts and ideas for individuals to help educate themselves, friends, family and peers.

Visit Miller’s website at:  www.No2Pot.org.

Miller created the below video. It predicts the outcomes of passage of Florida Amendment 2 and who will profit – the lawyers who are pushing for its passage. Among them Morgan and Morgan. It also shows the impact on neighboring Southern states, something no other media outlet has reported on.

Please watch and share this well researched video by citizen journalist Teresa Miller:



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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image of marijuana buds is courtesy of TheCollegeInvestor.com.