Israel Vs. Hamas 2014 – Asymmetric Warfare

Special Report by Alan Kornman and Wallace S. Bruschweiler.

Israel almost always warns the people of Gaza of a planned attack and suggests to vacate designated buildings.  On the other hand,  Hamas uses the people of Gaza as human expendable shields,   This Hamas tactic of war is intended to protect buildings, munition depots,  and Hamas military command posts.

Here is a translation of an Download file GAZA LEAFLET 2014  dropped by Israeli aircraft in Gaza less than 48 hours ago.

“To the people of Gaza strip, The terrorists and smugglers are well aware that their terrorist acts of digging tunnels to smuggle military ammunition is a target for the IDF, but they keep working and taking cover near your residences. Do not stand still. You are being used by terrorists who will not be by your side when you get hurt. Take responsibility for your future.” 

The leaflet also provides a phone number and an email address for the Palestinians to give information to the IDF with absolute security guaranteed.

Hamas’ approach has always been to deliberately target Israeli civilians with hundreds of rockets of any type, filled with nails, nuts, bolts, and ball bearings often coated with rat poison which will act as an anti-coagulant insuring greater civilian casualties.

Obtained credible intelligence indicates that Hamas has set up military command posts in the basement of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.  Reports have surfaced that Hamas leadership is putting civilians on the roofs of their homes as human shields to protect their personal property as well as military targets.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Family Security Matters.