“Genesis” The Movie

In the Forbes article “Jesus Christ Superhero: Survivor’s Mark Burnett Turns Bible Stories Into Blockbusters” Zack O’Malley Greenburg writes, “His [Mark Burnett] biggest [TV] hit in recent years has been a very different sort of show: The Bible. Produced by Burnett and [his wife and business partner Roma] Downey, the History Channel series drew an average of over 10 million viewers per show in the U.S. during its ten-episode run in 2013 (and performed similarly worldwide, beating out the NHL’s opening night in hockey-crazed Canada). Its Easter Sunday finale outdrew the first episode of Game of Thrones and the finale of The Walking Dead.”

“The point here is the mainstream intelligentsia of journalists, people like you in New York and L.A., maybe don’t understand the fabric of the nation,” he [Burnett] continues, with the confidence of a true believer. “This nation was built under the Bible and free enterprise.  … Because of Touched by an Angel, which is a very middle-of-the-country show; Survivor, a very middle-of-the-country show; Shark Tank, a very middle-of-the-country show, I think we understand our viewers.”

Faith in God is under attack in America. The Genesis Movie is a wonderful boost to faith. I call on the faithful men and women to help complete this movie and get it launched.

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