Israel’s Two Front War: Support for Hamas is support for genocide

Israel and the Jews are fighting a two front war. On one front Israel is fighting Hamas a foe which launches thousand of rockets  against Israel’s civilian population and has build tunnels under their homes and kindergartens to kill, attack or drug and kidnap them. They also use Palestinians as human shields as a propaganda weapon.

On the second front Israel is under attack by a large number of Liberals and the Liberal media who accuse Israel of killing Palestinians indiscriminately which is untrue; while at the same time they ignore the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Muslims by other Muslims. These same Liberals attack al Qaeda terrorists and disregard the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization supported by their Palestinian population bent on the genocide of Israel’s Jewish population.

The question remains why do so many Liberals support a genocidal group which targets Israeli’s and Jewish people wherever they live. This is not a war for land it is a war to destroy an entire people. The simple fact is that Hamas and the Liberal media propaganda machine together with many Liberals have joined forces against Israel and the Jewish people.

To put things in perspective listen to another superb interview by Naftali Bennet on Qatar’s Al Jazeera:




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