Obama: Amnesty ‘the right thing for the country’?

I thought they were hiding in the shadows.

In an interview with NBC reporter Chuck Todd, President Obama stated his immigration decision (Amnesty) will be made affecting millions of illegal aliens following the 2014 elections is THE RIGHT THING FOR THE COUNTRY! 

Which country is he talking about; one where the poverty level illegal aliens are encouraged by their government to leave to alleviate their problems in a banana republic because he certainly cannot mean the United States and its citizens.

If he does mean the United States then he has not a clue as to the damage illegal aliens and amnesties have caused here with them occupying nearly one third of all prison cells, driving down American worker wages, overcrowding our schools and sucking on the government welfare teat.

How about a little history lesson.

The first amnesty ever was promised to be the only amnesty and grant green cards to less than one million seasonal farm workers that morphed into a total of approximately 5 million granted legal status between 1986 and 2000 through a total of 7 amnesties or amnesty adjustments. So less than one million turned into five million while a one time ever amnesty deal grew to a total of seven.Of the five million granted green cards only two million ever became naturalized citizens! Two other promises made in 1986 and never kept was to mandate all workers be legal workers and to secure the border.

The result today is chaos and anarchy with untold millions of illegal aliens fueled by republicans working to fulfill employers wants for cheap labor, American workers and American society be damned, while the Democrats push for ever more illegal aliens to fulfill their dreams of a European style welfare socialist state.

If one of you in Washington including Obama can explain how another unconstitutional Executive Amnesty Order encouraged on by anti American open borders groups and some in Congress can be construed in any to be the right thing for the country let’s hear it.

When I speak of the right thing for the country I am referring to the citizens of the United States of America.