Obama does not acknowledge or recognize the fact that ‘Radical Islam’ exists

AA - Obama Stop ISISAs a lead into Obama’s prime time speech Wednesday he declared ISIL ‘the Islamic State’ is not Islamic. He justifies his comment that no religion condones killing innocents and that the vast majority of victims are Muslims. Obama refuses to either recognize or accept the fact that ISIL kills other Muslims, Christians and Jews because they are all infidels and are not true (Islamic) believers.

Radical Islam is a fact.

It appears Obama’s Muslim background has blinded him to reality.  It is difficult to see how as ‘commander-in- chief’ he can prosecute a war against an intractable Islamic enemy (Radical Islam) without understanding the nature and goals of the enemy.

In addition Obama says ISIL is not a State.  He is wrong.

ISIL controls a vast territory and its wealth, a caliphate. It passes laws, uses the wealth of the territory it conquered to further its malignant Statehood activities. It passes laws, jails or executes its adversaries and uses heavy weapons taken from those it defeated in war.. It is more than a hit and run terrorist organization. It sees itself as an Islamic Caliphate. These are the things that constitute a State? If it isn’t a State what is it?

It may be an evil State but it is a State – a caliphate. Unfortunately Obama doesn’t recognize the Islamic State (ISIL) for what it is.

Watch this compelling video with five experts speaking on the question – “Is the Islamic State Islamic?”

NOTE: The original propaganda video released by the Islamic State (IS, ISIS or ISIL) referred to by these five experts may be seen here (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES): http://grid.pjmedia.com/?cmd=view-show-profile-article&id=2087


Obama: Islamic State ‘Is Not Islamic”