VIDEO: Understanding Mohammedanism in 15 minutes

A Mohammedan is one who follows the teachings of Mohammed regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, color or creed. Mohammedans are orthodox believers and follow the Quran, Hadith and Surah as Mohammed’s followers did 14 centuries ago. I use Mohammedan versus Muslim to describe those who follow the teachings of Mohammad. Mohammedans are pure Islam and follow shariah (Islamic) law.

The more shariah compliant an individual Mohammedan, Islamic organization or nation state the more dangerous and deadly.

There is much public discussion about radical Mohammedans versus moderate Mohammedans. The answer to any difference lies in this short 15 minute video showing moderate Mohammedans, those preaching violence on the street, versus those Mohammedans who carry out violence on the street.

It is critical to take a Mohammedan at his word. Not to do so is naively dangerous. To call Mohammedans peaceful is Orwellian.

Hat tip to Aya for sending us this video:


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