Sorry, America Cannot Defeat Islamic Terror Groups

Americans have big hearts and for well over 200 years Americans have been patriotic and would stand up for their country whenever and wherever the threats against us exists.  Times have changed.  We now have millions of people in America who have no allegiance to our country.  We have millions of American citizens who will support Hamas and ISIS before they would even think of supporting their own country.

When I write articles such as this and make strong statements like, ‘We Can’t Defeat Islamic Terrorists”, it is based on my experience in analyzing threats against our country for over 3 decades. This is what the American government paid me to do.  When we wrote our intelligence reports we did it in a bullet statement style.  There was no room for beating around the bush.  We provided our analysis based on the facts we had.

I have not changed the way I analyze Islamic terrorist intelligence I have obtained.  We have media actors and actresses who can and will entertain the public for hours on end.  They get paid, I do not.  I belong to no organization, corporation, and I am no longer under the rules of the U.S. government.  This is why I call it like it is and often have been criticized from the left and front simultaneously.

For many years I have been stating the only way we can win a war on Islamic terrorism, is to target the Islamic ideology instead of putting our resources into fighting dozens of Islamic named terror groups around the world.  We need to begin stating Islam was founded by a child rapist (Mohammed). Islam is violence, hatred, and intolerance and nothing has changed in Islam for over 1400 years.  What we see done daily by the Islamic State (ISIS), Al Qaeda, Boco Haram and others is the practice of pure Islam as Mohammed desired.

We can kill every Islamic terrorist and almost immediately millions more will fill their places.  There must come a time when innocent people around the world will cringe when anything Islamic is mentioned.  The Islamic ideology must be considered no better than Hitler’s ideology.  If this ever becomes a reality we then have a chance of saving America Islamic.

I am sure most readers are confused as to why Saudi Arabia and four other Sunni dominated countries are attacking their own (ISIS).  First they are doing so for Islam and not America. The answer is within the thousands of Islamic books produced each year by the Saudi government.  Essentially these countries fully understand the ISIS Muslims can never be defeated by simply killing individuals.  To them the ISIS terrorists who die in Syria and Iraq by their hands are doing so for the betterment of the Islamic ideology.  Saudis and the others know Islam will survive for thousands of more years as long as Islamic terrorist groups are the targets of the infidels, and not  the ideology itself.

Think about this.  Would any of the Sunni countries attack their brothers in Syria and Iraq if the U.S.told them the true enemy of America and Israel is the Islamic ideology and killing ISIS members is only the beginning.  The destruction of Islam itself is the final goal of America.  These Sunni countries would have never agreed to stand by with the U.S.  The Saudi’s know the ISIS members are simply collateral for the overall survival of Islam.


A screen shot from ‘Flames of War.’ The American narrator of the film is on the far left.

Please keep in mind the very basics of Islam being carried out by groups such as ISIS are also the beliefs of every Muslim who practices Islam.  The Muslims in America who attend mosques services in America are taught:

  1. Islam is the only true religion (ideology)
  2. Prophet Mohammed taught Muslims that all Jews and anyone who supports the Jews are enemies.
  3. A caliphate covering the entire world is the ultimate goal Islam.
  4. All of Sharia must be adhered to for a Muslim to be a true Muslim.
  5. If a Muslim picks and chooses which parts of Sharia law to adhere to, that person is an enemy and apostate of Islam.

Destroy the Islamic ideology and the world will have peace.  Destroy individual Islamic terrorist groups and we will lose the war.  Will Obama or any politician openly denounce Islam itself?  The answer is no. Will any counter-terrorism group leader in America ever say the Islamic ideology is the enemy.  No. The only fact that will come is that America will crumble in the very near future.

Sad, but true.

EDITORS NOTE: To understand the Islamic State and how it is practicing Islam please watch this video titled “Flames of War” produced and distributed by its Mohammedan followers (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES):

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