VIDEO: Common Core parallels Obamacare — Designed to end Home schooling

The forced top down system called Obamacare is no different from the forced top down system of Common Core. Some are even calling Common Core by a new name – Obamacore. The linkages between Obamacare and Obamacore are presented including the use of Obamacare by public schools to gain access into the lives of parents who home school.

The video shows bio-metric devices (cameras, wrist bands, pressure sensitive mouses, chair posture devices, etc.) used to monitor children while in class. These devices can be used to measure various bio-metrics, e.g. physical reactions, of each student. An example presented is how these devices will be used to measure student reactions to pro-homosexual classes presented K-12. Should any of these devices measure negativity or a negative reaction toward homosexuality then the child, and even parents, can be punished under anti-bullying laws or policies being implemented in school districts, cities, counties and states.

This video is an excellent analysis of Obamacore (Common Core State Standards) done by the FreedomProject Education. The key presenters call Obamacore a “Trojan Horse”, which puts parents at the back of the school bus.