Adrian Wyllie’s Libertarian Dream to Be the Next Ross Perot!

A Vote for Adrian Wyllie = a Vote for Obama Big Government & Charlie Crist!

Adrian Wyllie, third party candidate for governor of Florida claimed in a Naples News article that he’s fighting against “a growing totalitarian state in Florida.” This is a bizarre accusation directed towards our current free market governor, and national republican governors, who have proven 10th amendment track-records against big government and overreaching authority.

Adrian Wyllie must be spending too much time campaigning in beer halls, as he’s overlooked Florida’s impressive turnaround. The first thing Governor Scott did was unpopular when he cut the budget, then he followed by eliminating thousands of confiscatory regulations. Scott was then able to be generous with his “It’s Your Tax Money $77 Billion Budget.” Thanks to Governor Scott’s command of finance, hard-work and policies of pro-growth, pro-business and pro-taxpayer, he’s able to enrich Floridians! Hardly a totalitarian state!

Adrian Wyllie’s quest for a third-party Ross Perot-play will accomplish what he loves to hate … the return of big government. Wyllie, along with the liberal press, repetitively refers to Governor Scott as “unpopular.” This technique is used by the Left to destroy successful opposition and leave voters dissatisfied about voting. After all, Dr. Joseph Goebbels used this strategy effectively: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Wyllie sounds like a nice guy with Utopian dreams but he won’t be too popular when All Aboard Florida trains roll into town at 110 miles per hour, followed by the national European-style rail boondoggle, full-blown Obamacare with Death Panels and the full force of Common Core standards to “dumb down our kids.”

The Naples News article by William March reveals some insight into Adrian Wyllie as a candidate and, frankly, reveals a sophomoric agenda to contest designer beer regulations – even when that legislation did not pass! Wyllie brags about “being arrested for driving without a license” sounds juvenile compared to the creeping threat of ISIS, Ebola and out-of-control immigration.

Joe Negron, R-Stuart, who directed a Senate review of all spending during the past year was shocked by Wyllie’s draconian budget cuts of 30%: “The idea that we can slash one-third of the state budget is fanciful and would decimate public schools.” Insolvency is not a remedy for Wyllie’s so-called freedom platform to: “abolish environmental regulations, marriage licenses and eliminate property taxes, fully legalize pot and convert Florida to the gold standard.”

There is no honor throwing Florida’s fate back into the hands of the Obama-backed Charlie Crist failures as federal spending rushes by the second towards $18 trillion! While Wyllie admits he’s on bankruptcy-watch, Governor Scott’s checkbook savvy has turned Florida around with Republican principles. If Adrian Wyllie cares about Florida, he should drop out of the race to support the continued successes of the past four years!

Yet Wyllie’s self-promoting disregard for the facts gives an un-serious air to his contest and, as he told students at St. Petersburg College, he doesn’t want to be governor anyway. Why in the heck is he running?

The math is clear… potentially a three-way race could attract votes for both small government parties to split the vote in favor of the failed ex-governor Charlie Crist as a ticket to the Obama/Crist Big Government Spending Spree!

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