VIDEO: Why ‘Homosexual Marriage’ is not Biblical – in 5 minutes

I found this compelling video on Facebook. It is the best explanation of the Biblical rational against homosexuality. When I say Biblical I am referring to a historic explanation of why homosexuality has no social redeeming value. For the Bible is a historic document that tells of the foibles of mankind including mankind’s ability to fall from grace engaging in unnatural sexual acts. For homosexuality defies not only the Bible but nature and nature’s laws.

Homosexuality is as Australian psychologist Jack Rigby put it, “[I]n recent decades in the fractured Society in the West, there has been a very strange situation develop in which small numbers of Homosexuals have formed politically obnoxious very public and virulently demanding groups. This is creating a very dangerous situation for the great bulk of homosexuals who live quiet and integrated lives because there will be, without question, a violent mass backlash against them in the not distant future as has always happened in the past throughout the history of all races, Religions and Societies.”

Homosexuals always deny their Biblical sin and are intolerant of Christians who believe in their faith. Freedom of religion is an inalienable right embedded in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

“None of us are perfect and it is a sign of maturity personally and nationally to be able to accept imperfection in others. Only to the point at which the others threaten us,” note Rigby. Homosexuality has always been a threat to society, more so now than ever.

Watch why homosexual marriage is not Biblical: