‘Ringing Hollow and Phony’ Senator Bill Nelson Plays King Canute

The ancient King of England, Denmark, Norway and “some Swedes” was King Canute (985-1035 AD).  Modern writers have ascribed to him a story in which he took his courtiers down to the sea and in a fit of royal arrogance, commanded the tide to not come in and soil his regal boots. The tide won.

On Thursday, Florida’s Democrat Senator Nelson and others tried in a modern equivalent, to repeat old King Canute’s famous act by standing amongst the newly installed tidal pumps and pipes of Miami Beach and in effect commanding the tides to stand back. This time, though, the pumps worked well and many areas of Miami normally with inches of water on the roads were bone dry. King Canute would have proved his point as well a thousand years ago if he had Nelson’s pumps and a sea wall surrounding him!

The occasion was during one of many so-called “king tides,” and was a convenient backdrop for Senator Nelson to continue to spread the myth of manmade climate change while stumping for Charlie Christ and dissing his Republican opponent, current Florida Governor Rick Scott.

King tides are the result of a natural alignment of the Sun, Moon and the Earth that maximizes the gravitational pull on the Earth’s oceans thereby making tides higher than normal. In any case, the $15 million spent on the equipment to cure the problem worked just fine. That’s it. Problem solved! Hat’s off to the city engineers for fixing a problem that politicians, mostly Democrats like President Obama, Senator Nelson and candidate Crist have wasted $30 billion of taxpayer money trying to solve.

So here we are in Southeast Florida at “ground zero” for climate change. According to the Democrats and major environmental organizations, this is the most sensitive spot in the United States to sea level rise – the primary ill-effect of CO2 emissions. Yet, supposedly the worst effects of man’s industrial CO2 output has been cured with only $15 million worth of good plumbing and a few talented civil engineers.

The scare tactics of Senator Nelson, Charlie Crist and others in the Democrat party that Miami Beach flooding is but a sign of things to come, continues to ring hollow and phony.  The reasons are widely available for those who deal in facts and not political correctness. Here they are:

First, global warming (a.k.a. climate change), the nemesis for all global coastal regions, actually ended eighteen years ago, by one measurement. That’s right folks. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING! Second. Not only has global warming ended, but the Earth’s oceans and atmospheres have been COOLING for roughly eleven years! Third and most important, the Sun has gone into a once-every-206 years ‘solar hibernation’ which ALWAYS, brings record cold climate lasting for decades. Fourth, with these solar cold cycles also come our worst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, making the cold eras even more destructive to crops, livestock, and people. Fifth, this normal natural cycle will bring much colder oceans and shrinking sea levels for decades. By 2030 we should be at the same sea level we were in 1810! Please tell all you know – THERE IS NO THREAT TO ANYONE FROM SEA LEVEL RISE CAUSED BY MANKIND’s CO2!

What does all this mean? It means that we have been deceived by our leaders who wasted billions of taxpayer dollars. It means we have been conned by local, state, and federal officials and corrupt scientists using bad climate science as a tool for achieving political objectives.

This sad era in the history of the US is fortunately coming to a close as the Sun’s hibernation cuts back on the energy by which it warms us, bringing a long, potentially dangerous cold epoch. In the past, these solar events have brought massive global crop failures, social upheaval, and loss of life.

Here are our choices, for the elections in November, if not the rest of our lives. We can believe in the omnipotent, greenhouse gas politicians of today as in the story of the arrogant King Canute. Or, we can believe in honest, objective climate science and natural cycles.

How will you chose?

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