Jon Stewart: Money is ‘the pillow smothering our democracy’ [+Video]

As a journalist I am on the emailing list for both the Rick Scott and Charlie Crist campaigns. While I receive a few fundraising requests from the Scott campaign, I am inundated with requests for money from the Crist campaign. I have received multiple emails from: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the DNCC staff.

I am always amazed at how many times these fundraising emails mention the wealthy Koch brothers because they give money to causes they believe in. Never is there a mention of billionaires Michael Bloomberg and George Soros for given money to causes they believe in.

Another interesting item is that most recently I have received five emails stating that my donation will be triple-matched. So who is their big donor? For example, I received this email from Nancy Pelosi:

Since we unlocked the Triple-Match earlier this morning, over 18,OOO Democrats have stepped up and donated. And now all of those gifts have been tripled!

Keep in mind, this is the same day Boehner and his billionaire allies are launching a record breaking assault on our Democratic candidates — more than $17,OOO,OOO is being spent this week.

Perhaps John Stewart explains Democrats and the role of money best. Hat tip to for alerting us to this very funny, but profound, Daily Show with Jon Stewart video titled “Demopocalypse 2014 – Funding or Die”:

STEWART: But the Democrats are outraged, and their outrage is brought to you by – money – (audience laughs) the pillow smothering our democracy in its hospital bed. (audience laughs) There’s only one problem.

CARL CAMERON (voice-over, from September 25, 2014 Fox News Channel broadcast): In the ten Senate races where the most outside money has been spent, liberal groups have outspent conservatives 97 million to 79 million dollars.

SHANNON BREAM (on-camera, from October 8, 2014 Fox News Channel broadcast): There are states where the Democrats are outspending five or ten to one.

VIVECA NOVAK, CENTER FOR RESPONSIVE POLITICS (from September 25, 2014 Fox News Channel broadcast): Democrats have realized these are the rules of the game – as much as they profess not to like them.

STEWART: Here a tip: it may undercut your message when you’re condemning a thing that you have clearly mastered. (audience laughs) It’s one of those, thou shall not kill, but if you’re going to, (audience laughs) single shot, back of the head – you want a carbon steel hacksaw, then put the parts in several trash bags, spread them out over a forest. (audience laughs)

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