Time to abolish the IRS? An interview with Craig Bergman, Producer of ‘UnFair: Exposing the IRS’

Fair-Tax-largeEvery American is continually impacted by the Internal Revenue Service and usually becomes very frustrated feeling that there is no recourse. Until now! Today’s show features Craig Bergman the Producer of UnfairtheMovie.com, an expose about the IRS and the need to abolish the IRS and replace it with a tax system called the FAIR TAX.

Bergman has produced a 90 minute informative and entertaining documentary that provides evidence of the IRS abuses against many Americans and features many well-know leaders like Senator Ted Cruz, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Louis Gohmert.

One of the very important aspects of this documentary is that it offers a solution to the current failed tax system – the FairTax.

Please listen to our interview with Craig Bergman: