Who is behind Florida’s Amendment 1? Collectivist Democrats one and all?

I just got home from work. But oh joy, in my mail box is a flyer from the Florida Conservation Alliance Institute (FCAI) indirectly asking me to vote YES for Amendment 1.

I always dig and peruse so I called the FCAI offices to find out who is funding this ballot initiative. Apparently FCAI is a non-profit 501(c). The goal is to acquire more of Florida’s land and put it in the hands of the state and out of the hands of we the Floridians. This of course will jack up property taxes surrounding the new “wildlife corridors”. I still do not understand how you make wildlife stay within a corridor?

They want to take 33% of net revenues from excise taxes on real estate documents for the next 20 years and use the money to buy up Florida land. This is projected to be about $10 billion. Aren’t there better uses for $10 billion like for education, fighting Ebola, infrastructure? Can you believe this?

FCAI is working to make this a Constitutional Amendment that will be nearly impossible to amend, if passed. Of course Charlie Crist, the man who took $40,000 in donations from strip club owners, knows a thing or two about grabbing, land that is.

My inquiry revealed those who are behind the FCAI. All are Collectivist Democrats, one of which actually lived and worked in the former Soviet Union.

clay henderson

Clay Henderson

The Amendment 1 team is headed up by Clay Henderson who is an environmental lawyer. He has extensive experience in land acquisition (a.k.a. grabbing) and he has negotiated the grabbing of over 300,000 acres of Florida land, which is now part of national and state parks and preserves. Land that is no longer on the property tax roles.

Henderson did serve two terms on the Volusia County Council and is now a lobbyist. He helped launch Preservation 2000 and Florida Forever, the nation’s premier conservation land grabbing programs. He is an adjunct professor in environmental studies at Stetson University and Rollins College.

Henderson is basically a Collectivist who wants to collect Florida land in the name of turtles and manatees.

susan glickman

Susan Glickman

Another leader of FCAI Susan Glickman. She is a consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the Clean Energy Group. Most recently, she served as the U.S. Southern Region Director for The Climate Group, an international non-governmental organization working to accelerate a low carbon economy.

She is a “stop breathing everyone” because your CO2 is warming up the planet kind of gal. She may have tried to register polar bears to vote? Another Obama shrink wrapped Collectivist.

She has worked on numerous campaigns for Congress and the state legislature, including two statewide ballot initiatives. Glickman has also trained candidates and grassroots political organizations in 45 states and in the former Soviet Union. A native of Tampa, she resides on Florida’s Gulf Coast in the town of Belleair Beach.

jay lundy

Jay Lundy

Next up is Jay Lundy. Lundy manages the public affairs for The Miami Foundation, a community foundation that connects philanthropists with community programs, projects and causes. Lundy is responsible for the Foundation’s policy, leadership and civic engagement initiatives. He arranges non-CO2 emitting parties. No lighted birthday candles are allowed in Lundy’s house, as burning candles will disrupt the CO2 balance of power in his solar powered living room. But what about the people who attend exhailing CO2? You see all of his guest are carbon based creatures.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Lundy worked as a Regional Finance Director for Kendrick Meek’s U.S. Senate campaign. Kendrick Meek is a left wing liberal Democrat tax and spend Collectivist. Lundy is also a strategic consultant for the Indian River County Democrats. Imagine that! Oh Lord I would never have guessed .

cody metcalf

Cody Metcalf

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is Cody Metcalf.

Cody Metcalf is an independent factory rep for a LED lighting manufacturers. His company, WinderLumen LED, began selling LED technology in 2008. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

In the summer of 2010, Metcalf traveled to Washington, D.C. as a member of the Clean Energy Works Florida delegation to represent small business in a fight for energy reform. I bet he got to D.C. on his ten speed bike illuminated with red, white and blue LED lights.

His plan? Shut down oil drilling, shut down all the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and hire 50,000 hamsters to run a treadmill to power his LED lights.

As a Board member for Florida Conservation Alliance, Cody is leading the Collectivist “sustainability revolution” by working with elected “Democrat”, wink wink nudge nudge, officials to make Florida a leader on environmental initiatives in the Southeast. This is a man leading a Collectivist environmental revolution to grab Florida land and destroy free market capitalism in the sunshine state. Real Estate Agents must be soiling their britches by now.

Well there you have it boys and girls. The line up of Democrat – Progressive – Collectivists trying to grab Florida real estate under the guise of conservation. The Agenda 21 crowd are on point trying to hoodwink Floridians into this George Soros endorsed United Nations’ sanctioned land grab.

If you want to contact Clay, Susan, Jay and Cody about Amendment 1 their office phone number is: 407-405-4571 or you may mail your “Don’t Tread On Me” postcards to: Florida Conservation Alliance Institute, 200 S. Orange Ave. Ste. 2600, Orlando, FL 32801