Common Core Opponents Endorse Governor Rick Scott — Blame Crist for Common Core in Florida

Florida parents and grassroots organizations leading the opposition to the adoption of the controversial Common Core education standards have endorsed the reelection of Governor Rick Scott in a public letter.

“On November 4th an important choice will be made by Floridians that will have implications for years to come. That choice is clear. It was Charlie Crist who brought Common Core to Florida and wholeheartedly still embraces it,”said Laura Zorc, State Coordinator and Co-Founder of Florida Parents Against Common Core.

“We have fought too hard to give up now and we face very real setbacks on myriad levels if, in our fervor to rid Florida of Common Core, we inadvertently help elect Crist,“ said Zorc.

Governor Scott recently announced an education plan that calls for an independent Florida Standards Review Committee to review standards, assessments and adoption of instructional materials by local school districts. According to Zorc, this will provide an opportunity for parents, teachers and grassroots organizations to be at the table for adoption of better standards and policies.

A growing number of grassroots County leaders who have vocalized their concerns about Common Core say that the re-election of Governor Scott is the only way to ensure the continuing evaluation of education standards and testing and meaningful local control over instructional materials.

“Governor Scott has committed to this review and we will work with him and the legislature to make the changes needed to achieve the best policies for the education of our children,” said Kate Boland, Chair of the Martin County Republican Party.

Both leaders stressed the need to consider all of the critical issues facing the state and the country in this election. They cite the policies of Governor Scott that have made Florida a national leader in job creation and economic growth in sharp contrast with the damaging economic policies of President Obama and Democrats.

“The stakes are too high for this to be a one issue election. Governor Scott has done an outstanding job for Florida. The ability to finance meaningful education reform is key and for that we need a strong tax base in our state,” said Boland.

Florida will play an important role in the 2016 Presidential election. “We are committed to electing public servants committed to reaffirming the primacy of state and local control of education in our country. To accomplish our education reform goals, we must begin by reelecting Governor Scott in November,” Zorc concluded.