The Democrat Party turns on Obama, panders to racist voters

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is white, joined the list of Democrats dodging President Barack Obama, who is black, by not using his name when asked about the president’s policies.

After repeated questions by host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” about whether a vote for Democrats was a vote for the black president’s policies, Wasserman Schultz, who is white, instead pivoted away from the president, who is black. “If you vote for Democrats, you are voting for white candidates who are focused on restoring white privilege by creating more opportunities for white people to succeed,” said Wasserman Schultz, looking like the proverbial “blond beast” of the Aryan master race.

Numerous Democrats have refrained from tying themselves to Obama, who is black, including light-skinned and nearly blonde Democratic candidates for the Senate Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky (D-White), Natalie Tennant in West Virginia (D-White), and Michelle Nunn in Georgia (D-White), all stating that “they hate Obama because he’s black.”

Democrats who hate Obama because he's black

“Our biggest mistake was to declare that it was the GOP that hated Obama because he’s black,” admitted Wasserman Schultz. “The more we repeated that, the more the GOP was gaining in popularity. From where I’m sitting, it looks like our pollsters had underestimated the number of racists in this country. So what we’re doing now is putting things in reverse and pandering to the racist vote in order to win elections and stay in power because nothing else matters.”

Wasserman Schultz demonstrated the new strategy by saying that a vote for Republicans was a vote “for someone who is pandering to blacks and Hispanics, and who would stop Democrats from creating jobs for white people.”

The the blond, blue-eyed DNC Chair reminded the viewers that it was the Republican Party that ended slavery, segregation, passed the Civil Rights Act, and created opportunities for the advancement in the black communities. All these GOP policies were opposed by Democratic segregationists, some of whom were also high-ranking members of the Ku-Klux-Klan. The original Labor Unions, too, were created in order to keep blacks away from well-paying jobs that belonged exclusively to white people, she pointed out.

“We are proud of our white legacy and we would like to take our country back to the days of Jim Crow,” said Wasserman Schultz, adding that it was Democratic policies that are responsible for the disproportionately high crime rates and unemployment among black people. The DNC Chair also credited the Democratic Party with destroying black families and keeping blacks in the ghetto for generations with welfare dependency. “It was expensive, but it was worth it because it helped Democrats to grow their power,” said the DNC Chair, looking like the provervial blond beast of the Aryan master race.

“Notice that every single city with a large impoverished, crime-ridden black population is run by a Democrat,” said the Florida Democratic congresswoman, who is white, citing such examples as Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. “Guess who runs things in Ferguson, Missouri, where the blacks are rioting as we speak? The Democrats. And, finally, don’t forget that the most controversial figure of the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King, Jr., was a card-carrying Republican.”

Throughout the interview, Wasserman Schultz only called Obama by name once, opting instead to refer to him as “that guy from Kenya,” “the homo,” or “the Negro,” mentioning also his lack of a valid birth certificate, his fake social security number, his Muslim background, his communist upbringing, and his “palling around” with terrorists and anti-American black preachers.

Scarborough commented that if back in the day someone had asked him whether a vote for him was a vote for Reagan,” he would have replied, “You’re darned right. I’m a Reagan Republican, and I’m going to push that agenda.” The DNC Chair took that as an opportunity to remind everyone that Reagan gave too much power to black people and that Democrats have ever since then been trying to reverse the damage and restore white privilege.

Obama kisses Schultz

The kiss! Debbie and Barack!

“And if that doesn’t work, we’ll start running media stories about the Democratic War on Women,” Wasserman Schultz said. ” You won’t believe the stories I could tell you about the relentless, take-no-prisoners, vicious attacks on women’s rights committed by Democrats.”

Despite the distance white Democrats are currently seeking from Obama, the president maintained in a radio interview Monday that Democratic candidates running for office were still “strong allies and supporters of me” and that he doesn’t take their “betrayal” personally.

“They’re just typical white folks boosting the racist voter turnout in order to keep their Senate seats and prevent the Republican takeover. If pandering to America’s white racism helps me and my team to stay in power, I’m down with that,” the first black president said.