WATCH: The Russian Documentary Film ‘Sodom’ Seized by Canadian Border Authorities

The following is “Sodom,” a new Russian documentary critical of Western homosexual activism–a DVD copy of which was seized at the Calgary International Airport on October 27 as a potential violation of Canadian law banning material that could potentially “incite hate” based on “sexual orientation.”

Late Monday night, as AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera arrived in Calgary on a flight from Chicago, Customs agents detained him for two-and-a-half hours and did an intense search of his phone, laptop and belongings.

They viewed portions of “Sodom” and then confiscated it as potential anti-homosexual “hate propaganda.” The film will be sent to the Canadian government’s “Prohibited Importation Unit” in Ottawa, and will be destroyed if deemed a violation of the law, LaBarbera was told. Ironically, “Sodom” (Zabranjeni Ruski Dokumentarni Film “Sodoma”) is freely available in Canada and worldwide on YouTube.

Posting this video does not constitute a full endorsement of it by AFTAH or [WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT]:


AFTAH’s LaBarbera Searched and Detained Again by Canadian Customs Agents – Russian Documentary ‘Sodom’ Confiscated as Potential ‘Hate Propaganda’

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