Things FOX News Anchors Should Say

It has been my analysis that after the murderous attack by Islamic terrorists (supported by Saudi Arabia & CAIR to name a few) Patriotic Americans have caught on to the lies our government tells us about the security of our nation.

Most Americans understand our country is not safe for our children to travel alone within a few blocks of their homes.

We understand our borders are not secure.

We know there are Americans within our government (at all levels) who do not love America as our forefathers did.

We know there government leaders who advocate more for Islamic Sharia Law than they do for the U.S. Constitution.

We understand illegal immigrants are a burden to our country.

We understand our government does not support Israel (our friends) as they should.

We understand our government placates Islam and it’s leaders, yet targets Patriotic Americans, Judaism and Christianity.

We understand America is strong, but after years of abuse it does have cracks.

We understand Patriotic Americans are the key to repairing the cracks and they may be called on in the near future to show their Patriotism for our beautiful country.

Although we understand an enormous amount about the desired destruction of America from within, we do not understand why major news organizations (to include radio, newspapers, and TV) are unwilling to state the obvious without political correctness.

Patriotic Americans have absolutely no expectations that news outlets such as the NY Times, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and a host of other liberal news organizations will tell the truth to Americans if the information is critical of liberal views and especially of their ultra liberal Obama.

We do have huge expectations of conservative news organizations such as FOX News who would speak up for America and Americans on issues that could ultimately destroy our country. Yet, FOX News is only slightly better than liberal news outlets. Liberal news anchors literally lie to Americans, Fox News literally tells half truths.

Half truths are in the long term more damaging than outright lies. We know that liberals lie about our national security, but there are millions of Americans who rely on FOX to provide the whole truth about issues, and they believe Fox News does this. Fox seldom tackles the tough national security issues head on. I will give some examples:

1. Illegal Immigration: Fox will be critical of illegal immigration to a point, but will not stand up and say all people who have entered our country illegally are criminals. Each and every one should be punished with jail and/or prison, and each one to include their children must be deported immediately after they serve their confinement. This includes sending back the children who were brought here illegally, or their mothers who illegally came to America simply to have their child born in our country, thus becoming U.S. citizens automatically. When a child is born in America through illegal and fraudulent means, there citizenship must be voided. Fox should also explain to their viewers the immigration policies of countries such as Mexico, Iran, Columbia, and other countries who send millions to America each year. The penalties for illegal immigration is much higher than in America.

2. Islam: Fox hurts America most by not calling Islam itself the most dangerous threat to our country. Fox anchors must have signed a pledge that they will not inform Americans that Islam and Sharia Law go together, and it is evil. There are hundreds of thousands of examples they could use. There is nothing peaceful or good about the Islamic ideology…Absolutely nothing. Fox anchors enjoy using the term radical Islam. This sends a false message to their viewers. It means there are radical Muslims who do nasty things, but Islam itself and millions of Muslims are peaceful. This is false. In Islam or any other ideology you have people who follow the rules and practice the ideology as their founder intended. There are others who for whatever reason do not believe in the ideology and do not practice it as their founder intended. These people aren’t moderates, they are people who have departed from the script their founders desired. An example:

Most people realize Hitler’s ideology was founded by an evil person and the ideology of Nazism has absolutely no peace and loving within. Is a person who practices all aspects of Nazism a ‘radical’? Of course not they are a pure and true follower of Hitler’s ideology. There are also no moderates within Nazism. If a German soldier approached Hitler and told him he/she only agrees with half of his plans and would not advocate or conduct Nazi activities (such as killing Jews) they do not believe in, what would happen? The person would be considered a traitor and likely executed.

Within the Islamic ideology the scenario is exactly the same. One can actually follow the ideology to the T, or face execution as an apostate. There is no middle ground.

3. Islamic terrorists: Fox must start portraying these people as followers of Mohammed and they are doing exactly as their founder desired. The Quran is a guide for Muslims to follow, and Islamic terrorists follow it exactly as it was meant to be.

Muslims who attend mosques: Although there are some people who attend mosques, they do not desire all aspects of Sharia law. These alleged Muslims are still supporting the Islamic ideology by showing their love for Mohammed by attending his mosque. They are hurting America. There are no ‘good’ mosques. All mosques advocate the teachings of Mohammed. Again, all.

Prophet Mohammed: There is an abundance of evidence that Mohammed was a violent and evil man. Beheadings, slavery, child abuse, and other violent forms of torture were advocated by him. Most importantly Mohammed was a child rapist. All Islamic scholars will tell you that Aisha was around 6 years old when Mohammed married her. She was around nine when he consummated (raped) this child. Fox should put Islamic leaders in the hot seat about this. Why do they not? Because Fox anchors want the American public to believe Mohammed was a caring and loving person and his ideology has been hijacked. O’Reilly and Hannity have repeated this theory numerous times.

4. Islamic terrorists in America: FOX has the facts revealing Islamic terrorists and their supporters number in the hundreds of thousands in America. There are 2300 mosques strategically placed throughout America. When the time is right they will carry out the ideology of Islam as Mohammed desired. Mohammed wanted most of all for Islam to be spread around the world, and an Islamic nation under Sharia law to be the dominate ideology covering every square inch of our world.

FOX will never openly say there are hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists and their supporters living in America, because our government has put fear into them. Government authorities have informed Fox anchors and others that if Americans knew they were surrounded by Islamic terrorists there would be widespread panic. The truth is if Americans were told the truth about the numbers of Islamic terrorists living in America they would know the call has come for them to step forward and protect America. The government fears this the most.

We could go on and on about Fox telling Americans half truths, but the attention span of most Americans is only a few paragraphs. Instead of praising Kelly, Hannity, and O’Reilly, we must put them on notice. They are hurting America with their half truths and we need them to provide all of the facts. If they do not change we should boycott Fox.