2014 Mid-Term Election: A Really Great First Step

The American people have spoken. But will elected officials, particularly Republicans place the desires of the American people above political correctness or the open borders crowd? Once again and probably for the last time, congratulations to the Republicans who won an historic election victory and swept away Democrat party control of the Senate. It was great to see Republicans win gubernatorial races in Massachusetts, Maryland and even Illinois. Democrats lost their grip on the legislative branches in Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Maine, West Virginia and New Hampshire. Republicans now control more state legislatures than they have at any point since the 1920s.

Republicans now have a larger House majority than they have had since 1928. For the first time in over six years a measured sense of optimism has resurfaced after Obama’s gloomy version of hope and change has wreaked much havoc throughout America. Before the first election of President Obama, I had predicted that his administration would be the political slap across the face of America that would awaken many of my fellow countrymen out of their political stupor. In other words, I believed that many great Americans would grow tired of the president’s leftist Marxist agenda that has been transforming our nation into a weakened shadow of her former self. Finally, many sovereign citizens utilized the ballot box to say enough is enough!

So now, despite the legions of negative nellies who proudly said that Republicans would never regain prominence, because they felt George W. Bush was such a horrible president, Republicans have regained a political stronghold. But, the question is, will the beltway statesmen and women listen and ride this momentum correctly? “We the people” or at least many of us will not settle for politicians creating magnets for illegal immigrants. We are tired of preferential treatment for defiant border crossers, deportation fugitives and visa over steppers. We still want approval of the Key Stone Pipeline. Also the transfer of vast areas of land under federal control to the private sector.

America’s corporate tax rate is the highest on earth and must be significantly reduced or done away with altogether. If not, the corporate headquarter march out of America will continue. Our military has been purposefully demoralized by the Obama regime. But now there is a chance to at least stop the president’s mission of hollowing out our armed forces and avoid being placed in mortal danger. After all, Russia, China and numerous Muslim nations are arming to the teeth and are now beginning to be a major thorn in the side our nation. In the world as it stands now, the only way for the United States to have a chance of peace is through strength, not weakness.

Hopefully, there are now enough conservative Republicans in the legislative branch who will make sure that House Speaker Boehner won’t be allowed to go along with Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to the 34 million illegal immigrants trespassing upon our great nation. Speaker Boehner has vowed to repeal Obama care. Is that an empty promise, or will he follow through? There is now a bipartisan majority in both the House and the Senate for repealing the medical device tax. The individual mandate portions of the Affordable Care Act should be done away with great haste.

For the long term good of America, Republicans must agitate for the abolishment of all international agreements and entanglements that undermine the stability of the United States. So, the big question remains to be answered. Will the Republicans put the desires of the American people above political correctness, the open borders crowd, the gun grabbers, etc. etc.? Only time will reveal the true motives of the Republican majority.

May “We The People” also remember to pray that providential guidance will be sought to help our elected officials lead America back to her rightful place of greatness as one nation under God.