FairTax Launches ‘Mega Mall’!

“I do most of my shopping online. It’s just convenient for me.” – Lauren Conrad

Let the mad rush of shopping begin – you’re not worried – you’ve got FairTaxRewards.com!

Retailers have begun previewing their Black Friday deals and promoting holiday shop-till-you-drop. And grocery stores are brimming over with Thanksgiving “must haves” like pumpkin pie filling and bags of stuffing.

Yes, the mad rush of the holiday shopping season has begun. Dreading the cold, snowy trek to the mall? Despise the thought of all the gas you’ll waste looking for a parking place? This year, why not do things differently?

  • What if you could shop at over 2,500 of your favorite national retailers on your computer without ever leaving home?
  • What if you could access all these stores in one simple place – stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Kohl’s, PetSmart, Macy’s, 1-800Flowers and Old Navy – maybe an online mega mall?
  • What if you could get daily Hot Deals, coupons and promo codes – deals that could help you realize savings of up to 80%?
  • And best of all, what if you could earn cash back on everything you buy and also have the FairTax campaign receive a small cash back reward too? That’s right, cold hard cash for you and for AFFT.

Ladies and gentleman, with FairTaxRewards.com you can.

AFFT is pleased to announce FairTaxRewards.com – an online mega mall for supporters of the FairTax Plan.

When you join and shop through FairTaxRewards.com, every purchase you make – at every store in your mega mall – earns you and the FairTax campaign cash back. Yes, real cash.

These stores want your business and they are willing to compete to get it. In days gone by, they used special ad flyers in Sunday papers to communicate their “deals.” Today, they’re using aggressive online competition strategies including 1,200 – 1,500 daily “Hot Deals” and special Promo Codes offered through member only CashBack mega malls like FairTaxRewards.com.

And all of this means extraordinary savings for you – just in time for all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping needs. So don’t delay – sign up today and have all your friends sign up. Remember, you and your friends get great deals and cash back, and all purchases benefit the FairTax campaign.

  • It is FREE to sign up. And a Win-Win for everyone.

Just go to http://FairTaxRewards.com or click here. Happy shopping!

FairTax Goes Texting

Here’s a quick and easy way for everyone to engage in the FairTax campaign. Just send a text message and you can sign up for membership or get more information on the FairTax.

That’s right – simple as that.

  • Someone wants to become a member – they text MEMBER to 68398. After receiving a confirmation message, a second message will arrive with a link to the AFFT membership form.
  • Someone wants to get more information on the FairTax Plan – text WHYGOFAIRTAX (no spaces) to 68398. After receiving a confirmation message, a second text and link will arrive that directs the sender to a special FairTax information link.

Try it now. Don’t delay – text today – text MEMBER or WHYGOFAIRTAX to 68398.

This is a great tool to put on your signs at events, to put on business cards and to use when you are addressing a group. When your presentation is done, just ask the people to text 68398 either to become a member or to obtain more information.

Please let me know how you are using this texting service and how it is working. I am especially interested in hearing the creative ways that others can emulate.

Finally, we are eagerly awaiting news on who will replace Chairman Dave Camp on the House Committee on Ways and Means in the 114th Congress. Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-1), who advocates his own tax reform plan, and Rep. Kevin Brady (TX-8), an outspoken advocate for the FairTax and a co-sponsor of HR 25, The FairTax Act, are the contenders.

Politico speculates the Chairmanship decision may be made later next week. We also expect there may be some changes in the membership of the committee based on the recent elections. We will keep you informed.