Founder of Human Rights Campaign Indicted for Raping a 15-year old Boy

Terrence Patrick Bean, pictured above with President Obama, founded the “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC). Bean is a Democrat. Bean is a bundler for Barack Obama and the DNC. Bean is a homosexual. Bean is a pederast. Bean has been indicted by an Oregon Grand Jury for raping a 15-year old boy. Bean’s boyfriend Kiah Ley Lawson, has been arrested for sexually molesting the same boy.

The Human Rights Campaign has been working to bring the homosexual lifestyle into K-12 public schools. HRC is working to have marriage amendments passed by a majority of voters in states like Florida overturned in the name of “marriage equality.” HRC is built upon a homosexual agenda that seeks to redefine not only marriage but sexuality itself. HRC’s leader is a radical homosexual who’s work with Democrats has helped to destroy the family structure by destroying the institution of marriage as between one man and one woman raising their biological children.

Bean is going to be tried for the crime of pederasty, the rape and violation of an under age boy by an older man.

Bean has been the poster child for and remains a hero of the radical homosexual movement.


Homosexual Terrence Patrick Bean (left) mugshot. Kiah Loy Lawson (right) is Bean’s boy friend and has been accused of raping the same 15-year old boy. Photo: Multnomah County Detention Center.

The Oregonian reports:

Detectives from the Portland police Sex Crimes Unit arrested Portland developer Terrence Patrick Bean on Wednesday on a Lane County indictment stemming from alleged sex abuse involving a teenage boy in 2013.

Bean, 66, a prominent gay rights activist and major Democratic Party fundraiser, was arrested at his home in Southwest Portland and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center at 10:12 a.m.

The indictment charges Bean with two counts of third-degree sodomy, a felony, and one count of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor, police said.

Bean, who bailed out of jail by late Wednesday afternoon, will be arraigned on the indictment in Lane County. …

The alleged incident involved a sexual encounter in Eugene with a 15-year-old boy. …

Bean has been one of the state’s biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state. He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama. He’s also a close friend of former Gov. Barbara Roberts. …

Bean’s Flickr account shows him talking with Obama at several events, posing with first lady Michelle Obama and numerous other political figures, including former President Bill Clinton.  A blog post from his sister, Sue Surdam Bean, detailed her brother’s work on a July 24, 2012 Obama fundraiser in Portland.  She included three photos of Terry Bean’s ride on Air Force One with Obama to a subsequent event in Seattle.

Just two years ago 68 year old Harry Brinkin, another high profile and similarly respected (at least among Democrats) homosexual activist, was arrested in San Francisco for possessing and distributing reams of child pornography.

LarryBrinklin  mugshot

Homosexual Larry Brinklin mugshot.

CNS News Reported at the time:

Police said that Brinkin, a former city employee, apparently had photos of children, as young as 1- or  2-years-old, performing sexual acts and being sodomized by adult men in attachments linked to the email address, reported The Chronicle. The email account was also linked to Yahoo discussion groups involving sexual exploitation of young people.

Concerning Brinkin, Theresa Sparks, director of the Human Rights Commission, told the Huffington Post, “It’s almost incredulous, there’s no way I could believe such a thing.”

“He’s always been one of my heroes, and he’s the epitome of human rights activist,” she said. “This is [the] man who coined phrases we use in our daily language. I support Larry 100 percent; hopefully it will all come out in the investigation.”

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