The Ferguson tragedy continues to come into focus


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How terribly unfortunate for our country; for the Rule of Law which is meant to bring order to a society; for the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri; for all of us as citizens in this nation, that a president and his chief department heads, along with so very many elected and appointed leaders have “used” the sad series of decisions and behaviors by one young man to catapult them into a few minutes of limelight and fame; to “use” a crime and accompanying grief to further their own tendentious agenda, again for selfish gain. A series of crimes were perpetrated plain and simple. A police officer responded per his training, and it is the officer who becomes the bad guy. From that point forward the narrative becomes increasingly inflamed by political zealots and those pushing an agenda; when, if truly concerned, they would be searching for a way to bring all of us together as citizens of this country; not black Americans or white Americans, but simply Americans!

Look at the Facebook posting on the right. Read the words of another American who posted the statements on social media.

Contrary to what the “Grubers” of the political world would have you believe Americans are far smarter than we let-on. I think we each tend to hide it a little to see exactly who will try and take advantage of our good nature, our forgiving make-ups, and our deep down American spirit that is still connected to the Founders of this exceptional Nation. The American People are slow to anger and are quite forgiving and patient, but once they riled…well, you saw a taste of it a couple of weeks ago at an election.

Mr. Obama, bring answers for the challenges that confront us all as Americans; better jobs, heck, more jobs! Take your hands off of schools and return them to local home rule. Stop the lies, and tell your department heads to do the same. I wonder if you ever grasped the concept that seeking an elected office was to serve we the People not lord over us. Having the IRS purposefully snoop into our lives, and into churches is a horrible crime and shameful, and you said there was not a smidgen of proof anyone in your administration was at fault. Hogwash! The many strives successfully made to heal the divisions lingering between the races in our country, to restore hearts and bring healing and reconciliation are systematically being torn asunder by you. Even when you speak in front of my fellow countrymen about stopping the anger, suspicion and doubt by and between the races, there appears to be a wink here and a nod there to another meaning of what you just said, and almost always afterwards there are problems, there are increased tensions; make it stop! You wanted and sought the presidential pulpit, and now you have had it for the past six years. But you say relations between the races are worse today than at any other time in history! It just isn’t so! Let’s begin calling things what they truly are rather than what we are trying to make them be to fit some narrative. Look at the attachment and read what that lady has done to take a step in the direction of reality, not political prose.

I am sad young Mr. Brown died; what a loss to the community and our society as a whole; what talent did he possess, what might have he become? But the real tragedy here is that no one intervened earlier to stop Michael Brown from heading down the path he chose. The real tragedy is that many markers were missed by teachers, pastors, community leaders, neighbors along the way to that fateful hot day in August. A crime was committed and a police officer attempted to do his job, one the community expected: “To Serve and to Protect” them from danger and crooks and even small time gangsters. And now a professional law enforcement officer has had his career stolen from him by political and social agitators who will simply move on to the next flash-point, or will create one so they may have another narrative from which to espouse their litany of hatred and division, all in the name of social justice of course.

Read the attached social network posting, and be sad for the life Michael Brown chose; but also for the community of Ferguson and their many losses; for those who stand for the Rule of Law and Order; for the loss of common sense; for Officer Darren Wilson and his family; for our country which seems to have taken many steps backwards these past six years to the point of difficult to recognize what we are becoming as a country. Read the attached social network posting. We all have heavy hearts this evening – or should.


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