An open ‘Thank You’ to Police Officers

For much too long in America, police officers have been taken for granted, disrespected, misunderstood, abused, ignored, scorned and ridiculed. I am not saying that every single police officer throughout our nation is a perfect little angel. But I am willing to wager that the majority of the men and woman in blue are fantastic, well intentioned guardians of our communities. So I believe it is high time that “We the People” consider that the overwhelming majority of police officers are honorable sovereign Americans who willingly risk their lives to protect you and I.

It is a sad reflection on the current state of affairs, that a police officer who defended himself from a bullying brute has to give up his livelihood and probably get out of town. Yet the thugs who increased the Ferguson unemployment rate by destroying and robbing from businesses are roaming free. I for one have both witnessed and experienced the helpful kindness of police officers throughout the years. I will never forget the time I locked my car keys in my automobile. Upon returning from an appointment in Grosse Pointe Park. MI I saw my keys sitting right on the drivers seat. While standing there pondering my course of action, a police officer on patrol stopped and asked if I was okay.

After explaining my predicament, he kindly told me to “hang tight for a few minutes” and drove away. To my pleasant surprise, it was not long before the patrolman returned. Within a short span of time he easily unlocked my auto with a device he retrieved from the police station. I was most appreciative of the friendly member of the thin blue line who went out of his way to help this (at the time) forgetful driver. It is becoming more irritating to witness the seemingly ongoing efforts by the dragon media and street cretins who seem to work in tandem, to discredit and discourage local police officers. Could it be that some folks in power would love to establish a national police force as well?

The riots of Ferguson, Missouri along with the dishonorable actions over the years of the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Bill Ayers, the step baby daddy of Michael Brown and others fully exposes the deviant mission of that anti law and order ilk. As with progressives in general, the goal of those stalwarts of statism is to disrupt and destroy the normal and blessed flow of American life. If you don’t believe me, how do you explain why liberals and progressives in general only support policies that hinder families, erase economic prosperity, minimize the importance of morality and always advocate abortion, along with hatred of the local police? The number one cause of death for American born black males is murder, by other blacks, NOT POLICE OFFICERS!!

In fact, in far too many black American dwellings, most black boys are cursed by their so called mothers, long before they reach the age of accountability. They are told “”they are no good”, “they ain’t nothing” then folks wonder why they turn out that way. The power of life and death is in the tongue, it is high time that black mother start speaking better words over their children. That’s if they wish to see more positive results. According to a recent article in CNS NEWS, the enablers of insanity known as liberals, progressives or democrats indirectly and in some cases directly promote crime and hatred for positive authority, essentially saying “black kids, it is okay, you don’t have a daddy, go rob a store.” It is as plain as daylight, that liberals, progressives, socialist democrats or whatever, don’t have America’s best interest at heart. Their denigration of local cops is part of the mission of “Transforming America.” They fully understand that a house divided against itself shall not stand.

That is why those of us who appreciate our local police officers had better be willing to defend the thin blue line and other positive elements of our communities and nation as a whole. We must shun the persuasions of those secretly racist liberals who seek to use young black males, (and some black females) as useful idiots of destruction. Before it is too late we must promote and teach what is righteous and wholesome to our nation’s young sovereigns. Let us no longer fear to promote and encourage the traditional family, where Dad is the head of the household. To do that would help establish structure and a healthy view of authority. Just that alone will go a long way toward reestablishing respect for the local police, private property, and even self respect.

Are all police officers great? No! But in every vocation, there are a few bad apples. But that is no excuse or reason to impugn an entire group. After all, isn’t that the type of discrimination, that blacks, particularly black men have battled against (real or imagined) for decades? So by God’s grace, let us as Americans work together to heal, not harm our Republic. Last but not least, respect the local police officers in your city, town, or hamlet. The police officer you see one day, may be the one who might have to come to you aid in the future.

To local police officers throughout America, thanks for all you do.