Conservatives Can Learn Something From Liberals

Despite the increasing disapproval of the draconian and otherwise harmful policies of President Obama, the leadership of the Republican Party is acting like the point of least resistance.  For example, it has been reported on every major news network, including FOX, ABC and the rest, that increasing numbers of Americans disapprove of a number of Mr. Obama’s policies.  Amongst the most unpopular are his willingness to endanger America through amnesty and crippling energy policies.  Almost everyone, including President Obama and especially the Republican Party leadership knows that no nation can thrive or remain great if it is overrun with brutish illegal immigrants.  Yet, Republicans like John Boehner continue to throw their own policies and America under the bus. The G.O.P leaders struck a deal with Senate democrats that will grant funding for Obama’s unilateral amnesty for five million illegal immigrants. The liberal progressives stuck to their guns, yet the so-called Republican conservatives folded AGAIN!

Up to this point, the United States economy continues to limp along. During the current and weakest economic recovery in our republic’s history over 25,108,000 foreign born individuals in America hold jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  CNS News reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics also noted that in the seven years from November 2007 to November 2014 the number of native born workers holding jobs increased by 2,004,000.  To put it bluntly, the President’s support of illegal immigrants and policies that don’t stimulate the economy hasn’t and won’t increase prosperity in our nation.

Yet, according to CNS News, evidence continues to mount showing that Obama is reacting with greater defiance and lawlessness despite the people’s repudiation of his agenda in the November midterm election. But like wilting lilies, the republican leaders in congress continue to relax their resistance to Obama’s harmful intentions toward the United States.  It is as if the Republican Party hierarchy used the concern of the American people to make election gains.  But they are not willing to wrestle our republic from the grip of progressive democrats who only seem to desire economic, moral, political and social destruction to be unleashed throughout the land.

If Republicans, and in some cases Christians, were as focused on the positive goals of American restoration as Obama and his comrades are pinpointed on U.S. their negative goals of upheaval, our nation would already be in massive recovery.  For starters, the economy would be yielding tremendous opportunities for both job producers and job seekers and our borders would be sealed and protected from the illegal hordes who mean us harm.

The Republican elites sit around and try to figure out how best to kiss Obama’s backside, while he continues to heap more problems upon our republic.  According to C.N.S. News, health care policy  expert Betsy McCahey reported that the Obama administration quietly saddled our nation with 3,415 new federal regulations just before Thanksgiving.  Yet, bone head Boehner and the other R.I.N.O. elites seek to appease Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other progressives rather than seek to serve in the best interest of “We The People,”

The window of opportunity is still open, but is shutting fast and cannot be allowed to be squandered by short sighted career politicians. Their lack of desire to defeat those who are hell bent on turning the United States into a second tier of moral depravity and economic decline is heartbreaking.  Since Boehner and his colleagues love cozying up to Obama so much, it would seem that his ability to stay on course would have rubbed off on them.  But then again, it probably is not the goal of the R.I.N.O, elites to fend off the progressive onslaught and restore our Constitutionally Limited Republic. But I can dream can’t I?