Dutch MP Geert Wilders’ Defiant Statement before Interrogation by Dutch Police on New Prosecution Charges

The words Orwellian, Kafkaesque appear inadequate to describe the trammeling of the Hon. Geert Wilders’  free speech by Dutch prosecutors at the Hague in The Netherlands. We write this with the imagery of the fictional victim of Kafka’s posthumously published novel, The Trial. Joseph K was  arrested by police inspectors for unknown reasons and every word of his scrutinized before  his climactic death.

What Wilders is going through is not fiction, but a living nightmare.  All because he spoke his mind during a local elections Freedom Party (PVV) campaign rally last spring about “fewer Moroccans”. That was a reference to his platform of controlling mass immigration of Muslims who have exhibited substantial criminal behavior incited by Islamic doctrine and preaching by Imams in Dutch Mosques. We thought his exoneration in the May 2011 Amsterdam District Court  trial on alleged hate speech  law violations would end his nightmare of prosecution for what we in the US take for granted as protected speech under the First Amendment of our Constitution. Unfortunately, the Netherlands and most EU members have not seen fit to adopt a system of such free speech guarantees. The Public Prosecutors Office at The Hague announced investigations on new charges following the “fewer Moroccans” remarks by Wilders. Today, Wilders was interrogated by Dutch police. Below is his statement at the same time he filed documents supporting his “fewer Moroccans “remarks with the Police. Fortunately, the Dutch groundlings, the ordinary Dutch people, have sided with Wilders. That is reflected in polls indicating they view the obsessive politically correct multicultural policies of the ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte to be a threat to preservation of Dutch cultural values. Wilders’ views are reflected in Dutch public opinion polls that have vaulted him to the top.

We wait for a Hague parliamentary no confidence vote that might precipitate the fall of the current PM Rutte’s  ruling coalition. If that possibility occurred and Wilders was asked by the Dutch King to form a government, what parties might join that coalition? Would the parties on the left and the newly formed immigrant party in the Netherlands forge their own coalition to preserve and extend the mass immigration and multi-cultural problems that imperil the future of Dutch civil society?

We note the fall of the Swedish Social Democrats government in less than 69 days over a budget matter concerning public welfare support for the admission of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.  That saw the center right coalition join forces with the anti- mass immigration Swedish Democratic party.

Read Wilders’ statement and ponder whether this is  both his and Holland’s worst nightmare.

The Hague, December 8, 2014.

Statement of Geert Wilders MP during his interrogation by the State Police for the purpose of the prosecution decision of the Public Prosecutor:

Our freedom is being threatened. Threatened by a violent totalitarian ideology – Islam – that brings with it death and devastation. Threatened by politically correct elite that does not tolerate criticism of Islam and mass immigration and that nurtures cultural relativism. I rise up against this.

As a democratically elected politician I name the problems that I see. I name the dangers and disadvantages that we experience in the Netherlands as a result of cultural relativism, mass immigration and the ongoing Islamization. That is my task. That is my duty. That is why I have been elected.

That is the reason why I am in politics and why I founded the Party for Freedom (PVV).

I am fighting for a better Netherlands.

To preserve our own culture.

Our own identity.

Our safety.

Our freedom.

I do not discriminate. I do not spread hatred, nor do I incite it. I do not intend to hurt or offend people either. However, I do not mince my words when I defend our established freedoms and name the dangers to our society. I dedicate my life to the fight against this evil ideology and the defense of our liberties. Every day, I pay the price for this fight. Already for over ten years, I have lost my personal freedom.

During the past 10 years, I have drawn attention to the Moroccan problem which we have here in the Netherlands. These include serious problems with integration, crime and welfare dependency.

The majority of the jihadis travelling from the Netherlands to Syria is Moroccan. In order to see the whole context, the contents of the attachments that I deposit with you here today must be taken into consideration.

I rely on objective facts and figures. Facts that I must name. Because they are the truth. If we had had the same problem in the Netherlands with Canadians, I would have named them.

Those who do not understand that we have an enormous problem with Islam and with Moroccans in the Netherlands, though seeing, they do not see, and though hearing, they do not hear.

For the reasons above, while on campaign in The Hague, I argued that there need to be fewer Moroccans. And, at an election meeting in The Hague, I asked those present a number of questions, one of which was “Do you want more or fewer Moroccans?”

Indeed, I want fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands for the reasons and context that I have previously expressed in this statement as well as in Parliament and for which I refer you to the documents that I now deposit.

I have yet to meet the Dutchman who wants more Moroccans in the Netherlands. Asking for fewer Moroccans is something totally different than if I were to want all Moroccans to leave the Netherlands or  f I were to object to every Moroccan.

Like me, 43% of all the Dutch and 95% of my supporters want fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. I have said what millions of Dutchmen think.

I also want less Islam in the Netherlands. And like me, 65% of all the Dutch and 100% of my supporters think that the Islamic culture does not belong to the Netherlands.

Since the establishment of the PVV, I have advocated fewer immigrants from Islamic countries.

Since the establishment of the PVV, I have identified the Moroccan problem and presented (democratic) solutions for it, such as:

– limiting the immigration of people from Islamic countries, hence also Morocco

– promoting the voluntary remigration of non-Western foreigners, hence also Moroccans

– expelling criminals with dual nationality after denaturalization, hence also Moroccans.

Since Moroccans living in the Netherlands are significantly over represented in crime statistics and often have dual citizenship, this would also lead to fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

I do not retract anything of what I have said. Because I have said nothing wrong.

In my fight for freedom and against the Islamization of the Netherlands, I will never let anyone silence me. No matter the cost, no matter by whom, whatever the consequences may be.

To speak with the words of Martin Luther King:

“I close by saying there is nothing greater in the entire world than freedom. It’s worth going to jail for. It’s worth losing a job for. It’s worth dying for. “

For these above reasons, I assume that the Public Prosecutor will decide not to prosecute me. Any other decision cannot be interpreted otherwise than politically motivated.

Geert Wilders

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review. The featured image of the Honorable Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV).