Nativity Scene at City Hall in Jay Florida removed under threat by Athiests


Kervin Qualls, Mayor of Jay, Florida.

I was given word from my patriot friend in Brooksville, Florida, which is near Tampa, that the Nativity Scene at the City Hall in Jay Florida my neck of the woods in Santa Rosa County was removed because the City Council got a letter of intent from the atheist “Freedom From Religion” group to remove it.

Well boys and girls within ten minutes I had the cell phone number to Kurvin Qualls, the Mayor of Jay Florida. I called him from my cell phone so he can capture my number. We spoke at length and the bottom line was the City Council did not want to fight these heathens who call themselves “Freedom from Religion” to keep the Nativity Scene. The City Council voted to remove the Nativity Scene from the City Hall property and moved it to other city property down the street to avoid a legal battle.

Well I like battles legal or otherwise!

I then asked Mayor Qualls for the phone number to the attorney representing the City of Jay Florida. After playing phone tag we connected and the attorney Steven Cozart explained to me the Nativity Scene was a trip hazard and we can’t have people tripping over baby Jesus and getting hurt.

Seriously? Dude, come on.

Boys and girls this was the biggest [expletives deleted] story I ever stacked knee high and smelled like political cowardice to me. What we have is a Jay City Council scared of the Freedom From Religion group, a good Mayor who follows orders from the City Council and an attorney who found an [expletives deleted] legal way out for the City of Jay.

Well patriots, under the protection of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution I am going to return baby Jesus back to City Hall in Jay Florida at midnight on December 24th, 2014.

jay florida nativity scene

Jay, Florida Nativity Scene.

The Nativity Scene will be placed in such a way as not to be a trip hazard. I will identify the protector of baby Jesus as the Senior Chief and the Santa Rosa Militia so Mayor Qualls does not get blamed. If the attorneys representing the City of Jay want to sue me go for it. If the atheists with the Freedom from Religion group want to sue me they can as well.

So that’s the plan. Me, baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph will make our way to City Hall in Jay and at midnight the Nativity Scene will then be replaced. I don’t normally announce publicly my mission statements until after the fact but I don’t think anyone will stop me.

God Bless America.

UPDATE 12/20/2014:

Just got threatened with jail and arrest and law suits if I put the Baby Jesus under the tree at City Hall on New Years Eve. FREE FOOD for the Senior Chief and a cot on Christmas Day. I hope they give me a blanket. I’m so excited… LOL