Save the West!

If you follow The United West you know that our primary work is to save America, Israel and the West from the evil Obama lefties and Muslim jihadis. On this show we feature three unique people who have the same goal and are on the front lines in the battle of ideas in the market place of truth.

With us Skyped in live from Israel is Jerusalem Jane with a report about threats she is receiving from the “religion of peace” proponents on the Jewish Temple Mount who don’t like the fact Is Jane is up there praying for Jewish people and Israel.

Also Skyped in live is Arie Egozi with our weekly report on the national security issues facing Israel on a daily basis.

Finally, in this jammed-packed show we have a special in-studio guest, Ken Abramowitz, who is working specifically on saving Western Civilization through a series of live presentations and a very focused web site –

Tune in and listen to Ken systematically explain the problem facing the West and the solution necessary to SAVE THE WEST!