The Ingrown Enemies of America

The enemies from within America are alive and sick. Some of them recently went to nutsville in Ferguson, Mo. Because they didn’t get their wish of injustice for police officer Darrell Wilson. St. Louis prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch simply announced there would be no indictment, then the tribalistic minions spent the night increasing the local unemployment rate by burning and looting businesses that had nothing to do with the death of Michael Brown or the grand jury decision.  For more years than I care to admit, I have stated on my syndicated radio commentary The Edwards Notebook that there is a sizable number of indoctrinated U.S. born useful idiots.  Those tribal oriented brutes are fully enamored with the idea of destroying American society. They use the excuse of being angry over decisions like not indicting Officer Wilson for merely defending himself from a huge young man whom because of his less than sterling upbringing, thought he could bully store owners and a police officer.

It was most disheartening to watch the FOX News coverage late into the night.  To see, the useful idiots doing their part, in an effort to destabilize our republic turned mob rule democracy.  As the flames of private owned businesses and automobiles burned throughout that awful night, I imagined certain political leaders salivating over the idea of transforming America, must have been feeling their oats. After all, one of the gateways to national destruction, or Obama’s hope and change is through a divided or ignorant populace.  As an un-hyphenated American it was embarrassing to realize that the world was watching my fellow countrymen and women partying, looting and burning businesses because they were supposedly to be saddened over the legal decision of a grand jury.

When the low brow looters inflicted their rage upon a local Ferguson McDonald’s eatery, I wondered where those boisterous simpletons would get their dinner. Since many of that ilk subsists on the offerings of the golden arches every single day!  It was so disheartening to watch the loons on the loose burn up a local Auto Zone, brick a McDonald’s, loot the liquor store, and pilfer the food market, chard a beauty shop and much more.  To their credit, some of the protesters tried to persuade the cretins not to destroy the beauty salon. Unfortunately, their pleas fell on deaf ears and the brutes carried on their mission of mayhem which rendered the salon a pile of burned rubble.

Orchestrated protests also took place in Times Square New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, Cal. And elsewhere.  I am thankful that the grand jury had the strength of character to present the truth regarding the death of Michael Brown. Unfortunately, many enemies from within are simply hell bent on fostering division and destruction within America. They are the foot soldiers in the effort to thrust Obama’s vision of fundamental change upon “We the People”.

However, I have a bit of good news.  Despite the vigorous effort of those seeking to use protests, illegal immigrants, America hating muslims and whatever else to destabilize our republic, THEY WILL FAIL!  Many of us understand that much of the unrest episodes occur thanks to opportunistic looters who care little about Michael Brown or Bozo the clown. The progressive Negro thought police and others seek to arrest the mental growth of black Americans and keep them stuck in the mental fog of bitterness and hatred for America, capitalism, freedom and true justice. Even the step father of Michael Brown angrily urged the protesters to burn the town down.

Those folks have yelped to the high heavens about the death of Michael Brown at the hand of a white police officer. But where oh where are those same carnival barkers concerning the upbringing of Michael Brown? It’s quite possible that had he been brought up with a greater emphases on right behavior, perhaps he would still be amongst the living today.  I can’t for the life of me understand why individuals like Al-windbag Sharpton or Jesse, hey where’s the camera? Jackson don’t seem to be troubled over that fact that at least 93 percent of all gunshot blast deaths of black Americans are committed by other blacks? The riots, the protests, including those at Walmart are nothing more than phony baloney happenings to help those who hate America to render as much damage as they can get away with. They have no intentions to bring about authentic solutions to problems.

Wake up America, we can do much better than this.