The Warped Practice of Moral Equivalency

For decades, American Progressives, socialists, atheists, Marxists, liberals and Negro thought police stooges have utilized the practice of moral equivalency as a tactic to disrupt society.  Through disruption, they seek to further pollute our republic with a changing political, educational and even our religious direction. For example, everyone with a modicum of honest education regarding the founding, establishment and growth of the United States of America realizes that our republic was and remains an exceptional nation. But the big problem is with those who are chomping at the bit, to fundamentally change our nation into some kind of economically weak, morally corrupt, and ghettoized version of society.

Decades ago, members of the congressional black caucus began taking annual trips to Cuba to receive instructions from the Castro regime on how to disrupt American life. Amongst the instructions given were to never settle on solutions to problems and then to present morality and immorality as equals. The issues the Negro thought police members of the congressional black caucus often complain about are of no real concern to them.  If they were, the congressional black caucus members would not be reaching out to Castro’s Cuba. Why else do you think they have consistently fought against making the voting rights act permanent, instead of having to address it over and over again?

Even racism itself is an ongoing untrue concern for the Negro thought police congressional black caucus members.  If it were a real problem to them, then why on earth would they make yearly pilgrimages to Cuba where darker skinned citizens are repeatedly treated with greater brutality than the majority population by the government?  The truth is, their hatred of America overrides their concern over racism. Unfortunately, the syndrome of moral equivalency has rendered them unable to operate in reality, when it comes to issues, both authentic and imagined.  Even a sizable number of black Christian ministers in Detroit are unable to totally deal in reality due to their inability to distinguish between right and wrong on important issues. In other words, they are spiritually disengaged from the truth. The biggest evidence of that is their consistent support of the Muslim community that has habitually exhibited disdain around the world for Christianity, the United States of America and the black American community, especially black men. Muslims are traditionally more racists than most Americans could ever dream to be.

Yet, the moral equivalency syndrome has blinded some black Christian ministers to believe that America is no better than anywhere else and are indifferent toward the nation they were born in.  Thus they have no problem linking arms with minions of destruction, like dedicated Muslims.  They, like many students today are programmed to believe that brutal Muslims are preferable to Americans and American society.  They see no difference between our society and those whose religious beliefs encourage brutality to wives and taking property from those who don’t believe as they do.  Or where imams encourage raping women, stomping Christian babies and burning down Christian churches for sport.

I recently read an article by Daniel Mael. It partially focused on Khadijah Lynch, a junior and undergraduate department representative in the African and African American studies department at Brandies University. She recently said, “I have no sympathy for the NYPD officers who were murdered today.” Her statement is indicative of the indoctrinated masses who cannot understand the difference between a cowardly shooting of police officers from behind in New York City, or a bully who was shot while attempting to manhandle a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

To be frank, moral equivalency is an effective tool used by academia, race pimps, progressive politicians and even wayward preachers to further advance discord throughout our republic. My solution would be to counter all the lies of moral equivalency with the truth.  Ms. Lynch hates this country along with most promoters of moral equivalency, progressivism and all other modes of destruction of our great republic.  I propose that “We the People” begin a major fund raising effort to secure funds to donate to such individuals. We could then provide them with one way tickets to places like Yemen or Cuba or some other “morally equivalent” paradise.