The Conundrum

Conundrum as defined by Webster‛s dictionary as “an intricate and difficult problem”. An intricate problem. A difficult problem. A Conundrum!

This is the claim made by Major General Michael K. Nagata, Commander of U.S. Special Operations forces in the Middle East. American Special Operations Forces, the elite forces, volunteers dedicated to serving in our U.S. military. Let me first say, I have the utmost respect for General Nagata and his military pedigree, however his comments are perplexing.

Perplexing, as defined by Webster‛s dictionary: “Completely baffling; very puzzling” This is the conundrum we are left with, when comments by an esteemed man of the military sought help this summer in solving an urgent problem for the American military: “What makes the Islamic State so dangerous”? Really? In 2014, the 21st Century, we must ask the question; “What makes the Islamic State so dangerous? The Counter Jihad Report writes further: “Trying to decipher this complex enemy – a hybrid terrorist organization and a conventional army – is such a conundrum that General Nagata assembled an unofficial brain trust outside the traditional realms of expertise within the Pentagon.

Some thirteen plus years after America‛s homeland was attack by Islamic jihadists/terrorists our U.S. Military officials still ask the questions: “Who are these people”? “What makes them so dangerous”? How can a Major General who Commands American Special Operations make the following statement: “We do not understand the movement and until we do, we are not going to defeat it”.

One counter terrorism expert commented this statement is a dereliction of duty. I would agree! With the brilliance of our military, their ability to execute complex military missions, the ability to fly and operate drones from over 7,000 miles away, with pinpoint accuracy, yet we have high ranking military officials stating they do not understand ISIS, their movement or Islamic terrorism.This ignorance orated by our military leaders can lead directly back to the man in the White House, the POTUS. Mr. Obama makes the statement the Islamic State
is not Islamic, yet Mr. Obama continually refers to the Islamic State as “ISIL”.

ISIL stands for: (ready for this) Islamic State and the Levant. Yep, Islamic State is in the name of ISIL, which is not Islamic according to Mr. Obama. When you have the POTUS speaking out of both sides of his mouth, how can one not think the Commander in Chief‛s subordinates would be confused or in a conundrum?

After suffering America‛s most horrific attack on 9-11-01, at the hands of Islamic Jihadists, our military leaders, strategists and/or brain trusts are still in a conundrum. ISIS/ISIL/IS Muslim Confession of Faith: “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah”. Even the ISIS/ISIL/IS flag reads the same Muslim Confession. So where is the conundrum? The Quran is said to be the word of Allah, which is the book followed by 1.6 billion devout Muslims. The Quran is Muslims Constitution, it has not changed in over 1400 years.

ISIS/ISIL/IS follows the Quran. Gen. Nagata to understand the Islamic State‛s movement, one could look directly into the Quran for guidance – verses such as: Chapter 2 verse 244; or Chapter 4 verse 71; or Chapter 4 verse 81 or Chapter 9 verse 123, just to name a few. Please don‛t buy the excuse this is cherry picking verses either. Reliance of the Traveler, which is Islamic Jurisprudence, defines Islamic Law for the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world; Islamic Sacred Law defines Jihad, as written on Page 599 – the meaning of Jihad? Answer: To war against non-Muslims. This definition is qualified by Islamic Clerics who use individual verses from the Quran. No one accuses Islamic Clerics of “Cherry Picking” Quranic verses to justify the meaning of Jihad to “War against Non-Muslims”.

General Nagata is not alone in this ISIS/ISIL/IS conundrum. His frustrations are shared by other American officials. Frankly that‛s scary! However it speaks volumes as to the inroads the Muslim Brotherhood and other “Radical Islamists” have made infiltrating our US Government. From the Department of Homeland Security with devout Muslims such as; Mohamed Elbiary, Arif Alikhan and Kareem Shora writing and defining policy in the Department of Defense with Hesham Islam working for the Under Secretary of State and the man responsible for having a counterterrorism expert removed from advising the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Not to mention devout Muslims being appointed by Barack Hussein Obama to serve inside the White House. These devout Muslims serve(d) at the request of the POTUS – like Gallop‛s own devout Muslim Dahlia Mogahed. Ms. Mogahed was appointed by Barack Obama as an adviser for White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnership. An advisory position reporting directly to the POTUS.

Ah Dahlia Mogahed, the same woman who appeared on a fundamentalist Islamic TV show in England, hosted by Hizb ut-Tahrir and stated her belief: Sharia Law should supplant the U.S. Constitution. Did I mention Ms. Mogahed was a White House Adviser appointed by Mr. Obama and had direct access to him?

Another devout Muslim – Mohamed Elbiary was a Senior DHS Adviser who had known “radical beliefs”, such as this tweet from Mr. Elbiary: “As I‛ve said before inevitable that the “Caliphate” returns”, Elbiary tweeted in response to a question about the terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (also known as ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) which is currently seeking to overthrow the Iraqi government and instate strict Sharia Law in that country. Or Mr. Elibary‛s belief “the United States is an Islamic country with Islamically compliant constitution”.

The conundrum for the American people: Why has the Commander-in-Chief purged our United States Military of the most brilliant dedicated General‛s, Admirals and other high ranking military officials? Were these great military minds knowing of the enemy (Islam)? What is the purpose of relieving these experts of their command or duties when Islam has not suspended their operations? Are the
comments made by our leading Military Commanders, such as Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata aiding and abetting the enemy? Or is it a safe assumption America‛s enemies are embolden by the comments of not understanding the ISIS movement, thereby giving the enemy confidence their dawa is working well within America?

Retired Three Star Army General Michael T. Flynn added: “The fact that someone as experienced in counterterrorism as Mike Nagata is asking these kind of questions shows what a really tough problem this is”.

The Quran is a wealth of knowledge and devout followers of Islam, such as ISIS, ISIL, IS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, Hamas, CAIR, ISNA, MSA, Jamaat al-Fuqra, Hizb ut-Tahrir to name a few, believe as much.