Millions turn out for Unity Rallies across France — President Obama a No-Show! [+ VIDEOS]


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The French are asking themselves today “où était Obama?” Translation: Where was Obama?

Many political pundits are trying to understand why President Obama did not attend the rally in Paris for those who died from the Charlie Hebdo magazine. Some are saying this is yet another a major political and foreign policy failure of President Obama and his administration. Some are defending the President indicating that it was an issue of providing security or because he could not be reasonably transported there, unlike the 40 other world leaders who attended.

I have another idea, which explains why President Obama did not attend the massive rallies in Paris. It dates back to his words given at the United Nations in September of 2012. President Obama stated:

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

I and others believe that President Obama did not attend the rally in Paris because that would imply he does support those who “slander the prophet of Islam” (i.e. Charlie Hebdo). Obama would never stand, given his own words, with those who slander the prophet of Islam.


Rallies in France with commentary from the people in the streets:

CNN report and panel discussion on why President Obama, or a senior administration official, attended the rally in Paris:


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