Guardian . . . of what?

The Guardian, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, does for the reading public what Common Core books, also supported by the Gateses, do for American students – it provides a wealth of misinformation with an agenda.  In its Global Development section, writer Liz Ford wrote of the role of girls and women under Islam, specifically Palestinians, and the violence to which they are subjected in their society.

quran 2Because her itemization was inaccurate and lacking references, I can provide some specifics about their driving force:

  • Koran 4:34 Allah has made men superior to women and, therefore, women must be obedient or be admonished and beaten.
  • M10-12 If the wife is rebellious, the man may warn her, follow with hitting, and beating but not breaking her bones or damaging her face.  He may even imprison her in a room and withhold food and clothing.
  • M10:4 A man may forbid his wife to leave the home.
  • 022:1 Women may never become judges (they are not equal)
  • L10:3 A woman’s value is half that of a man, because her “mind is deficient.”  A woman should receive half the money of a man in an indemnity case, because women lack in intelligence and religion.
  • 2:282 Her testimony is worth half the man’s.
  • Bukhari 7,722,229  Deals with female genital mutilation and is compulsory.  The term “circumcision” deceptively applies to both men and women, but what they do to women is indeed severe mutilation.
  • 012.6  Extra-marital relations are forbidden, and the penalty for women is stoning to death; it is also recommended in “honor” killings.  Men are held blameless.
  • Bukhari 7,62.18  It is lawful to take a child bride.  Mohammed was 51 when he proposed to six-year-old Aisha.  Recently it was announced that a man may marry an infant who is still being breastfed.

woman in burqaThe Palestinian National Authority Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) is acknowledging its gender issues in order to work toward developing a Palestinian state. According to a report published by the Palestinian Authority in 2011, culture and tradition were often the main justifications for violence against women in “Palestine.”  Each of the reasons for humiliation and cruelty towards women is included in the Koran, some of which are noted above.

Despite the report’s admission that specified Islamic culture and tradition as the cause of abuse toward women, the Guardian’s writer, Liz Ford, has chosen to blame Israel – the only country in the Middle East where all its citizens live in freedom and with equal rights.  She has also called Israel an “occupier,” when, in fact, the territory is “disputed.”  The territory has been Judea and Samaria for thousands of years, and Jordan annexed the area for a mere nineteen years (1948 – 1967) after the aggressive war against the new Jewish State.  Thus, Ford’s information was incorrect, misleading and inflammatory.  The mistreatment of women by Arabs and Muslims began at least 14 centuries earlier.  Note, too, that if we delve into the times of Jews in restricted areas (ghettos),  in the Middle East, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe, a loving Jewish family life is what kept them stronger under duress.

Another study in the same report, conducted by UN Women in 2009, blamed the men’s violence against women on the stress they felt after Israel’s military strikes on Gaza in December, 2008.  With that reasoning, Jewish men who suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome from the preponderance of Palestinian rocket fire on Israel or sudden attacks on the street should have been equally violent, but there are no reports of comparable familial abuse in Israel.

Through World Wars I and II, we heard of no abuse between husbands and wives who were fleeing for their lives from the impending horrors.  If anything, families were protective and more caring of each other.  And, despite the constant conditions of war from neighboring Islamic states, Israelis were rated among the happiest people in the world – not stressed from spousal abuse.  In fact, it is highly unlikely that Israel’s medical, technological, and other creative innovations and advancements could have been made by abused, unhappy, depressed individuals.

Are we to believe that Palestinian men have no self-control following military strikes on Gaza?  By now, we have learned that Palestinian men have no self-control, period.  In several previous articles, I have reported how the children are taught to hate and abuse animals, practice with weapons and hope to be shaheeds(martyrs), continue their training to behead live animals and captured humans, and increase their propensity for violence with staged “days of rage.”  They cover their faces uniformly, hiding human expression, thereby hindering camaraderie and bonding, and developing an insensitivity to others. They celebrate death with distributed sweets when a son is killed while murdering Jews.  Men gather in plazas to relish stoning someone’s wife to death.  They have been robbed of all kindness and there is nothing left for even their own family members.  Clearly, Islamic Sharia law, destroying freedoms and the sanctioning of hate, victimization, abuse, and killing, leads to dehumanization, pain, contempt, and despair.

Another Guardian writer, Angela Robson, blamed the blockade for her husband’s job loss and consequential beastly behavior.  Ohio was fifth in the U.S. for job losses (more than 303,000) attributed to the non-oil trade deficit in 2007.  Michigan lost 319,200 jobs, 7.5 percent of total employment lost.  California ranked first in terms of actual job losses, 696,000.  The Economic Policy Institute reported four million jobs lost nationally in the U.S. in 2007, 70 percent of the displaced jobs in the manufacturing sector.  America had no comparable increase in spousal abuse.

The Guardian has been repeatedly responsible for “news reports” that are nonsensical, but insulting and destructive, propaganda that appeals to the ignorant.  It makes one wonder how they can benefit from lying about a democracy while supporting a tyrannical regime.  Is the Guardian welcoming the Islamic takeover in the UK?  Does it welcome an ever-growing welfare role of immigrants who will never assimilate, but who will amplify violence on the streets of England’s fair cities, and ultimately impose Sharia laws on the land?  The average citizen is alleged to be apolitical and unaffected.  It makes one wonder just how many people in Merrie Olde England have lost sight of any lessons from WW II and are choosing to slumber again.

James Madison, of English descent, wisely said, “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.