Is Your Preacher, Priest or Rabbi a Muslim Spy?

Question: Is your Christian or Jewish leader a spy for Islam? There are approximately 2500 Muslim Imams in America, an estimated 4000 plus Jewish Rabbis, and over 600,000 Christian Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, Bishops ministering. Why then is Islam expanding and church/synagogue attendance dwindling? Why do Islamic leaders have so much influence over Christian and Jewish leaders?

The best answer is a question. What tool do Islamic leaders use to recruit Christian and Jewish leaders in America? Islam uses ‘Interfaith’ meetings to infiltrate churches and synagogues. The Muslim leaders use the Christian and Jewish leaders as confidential informants. Many of the Christian and Jewish leaders are unwitting sources, but many are witting. This means for whatever reason the Christian and Jewish leaders are essentially being indoctrinated into the fallacy that Islam is peaceful and most Muslims love Christians, Jews, and of course Jesus.

In reality most Muslims are taught from birth to hate all non Muslims and to use physical Jihad to strengthen and expand Islam. The people used by Islamic leaders to conduct interfaith meetings are well trained, educated, and are wiz kids at double talk and deceit. The majority of the Christian and Jewish leaders are not as savvy and are easily influenced. Christians and Jews desire that all people are essentially good, regardless of their faith. So when they are hoodwinked by an Islamic leader, they fall as prey to their Islamic masters.

When my son (Chris) and I were conducting firsthand research at the Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA (Wahhabi nation), I had the opportunity to meet and have long conversations with a leading Islamic scholar in America. He is Yusef Estes, a former Christian leader who converted to Islam. He resides in Texas, but travels all over America conducting dawa (missionary work) on behalf of Islam. Estes informed me of the ‘Interfaith’ strategy.

Estes advised Islamic leaders conduct these conferences with Christian and Jewish leaders so they can have as many of them in their pocket when needed. Islamic leaders spend an enormous amount of time, resources, and money convincing Christian and Jewish leaders to side with Islam and not American Islamaphobes. Estes continued to say once a Christian or Jewish leader is hooked, then it is easy to control him/her. If a particular church or synagogue leader falls under spell of Islam, Islamic leaders know it doesn’t matter if 2000 people in their (Christian/Jewish) congregation are anti-Islam. The Christian and Jewish leaders will control their respective congregations.

The goal of Islamic leaders is to ‘Reform America’ just as the tape says above. Tapes just as this are found in almost every mosque (there are over 2300) in America. The objectives of Islam are not being hidden as many think. Their books, manuals, audio, video, and brochures are available all across America.

Six ways to know if your Christian or Jewish leader is a ‘Spy’ and facilitator of Islam:

  1. Point blank ask your religious leader if he/she opines that Islam and Sharia law can exist alongside Christianity and Judaism in America. If he/she says yes then you know this person fundamentally believes Islam and Sharia law are peaceful but has been hijacked by a few radical terrorists.
  2. Is your religious leader a supporter of President Obama? If so, you can correctly assume they are vulnerable to being recruited to be an apologist for Islam.
  3. Does your religious leader hold ‘Interfaith’ meetings with Muslim leaders?
  4. Is your religious leader anti any type of war in the Middle East?
  5. Does your religious leader inform you that the Islamic ideology is a false religion? If they do then it is unlikely this particular religious leader has already been recruited into the fallacy of Islam.
  6. Would your religious leader allow ACT For America or Dave Gaubatz to speak at your church/synagogue? If not it is highly likely your religious leader has already been recruited and/or they are very, very vulnerable to becoming confidential informants for the advancement of Islam.

America was founded on Christian and Jewish values. Islam had no positive influence in the building of the best country on earth. We need ‘all’ of our Christian and Jewish leaders to denounce the violent and dangerous ideology known as Islam. The truth about Islam should be taught at the pulpits so our children and their children will become less vulnerable to recruitment to the Islamic ideology.

We already have pro-Islam leaders in the White House, senior law enforcement positions, media, Hollywood, and in all levels of politics. America can not survive if our Christian and Jewish leaders abandon us.

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