Veterans Fundraiser for Veterans: ‘Relinquish UR Fate’ Campaign

I am a fan of Art15 Clothing and the combat veterans, Mat, JT and Rocco, who founded it. Well this team of veterans has decided, like most veterans do, to support three veterans organizations as part of the “Relinquish UR Fate” campaign. Here are the details and a video on their effort to raise $15,000.

To donate to the “Relinquish UR Fate” Campaign CLICK HERE.

“Relinquish UR Fate” Veteran Charity Fundraiser video:

About the Relinquish UR Fate campaign:

After getting back from Shot Show, the Article 15 crew has decided to kick off 2015 by giving back to some of the great Veteran causes and Foundations that have been helping our guys along the way.  Mat, JT, and Rocco have each chosen a non-profit of their choice, and all funds raised will be split equally among those three.  The charities chosen are as follows:

1. The Gallant Few
2. The Raider Project
3. All in All the Time

The goal is set at $15,000 and if the goal is met by March 1st, 2015 the trio has agreed to the following terms:

1. Mat Best will shave his beard into a “Dale Comstock” mustache.
2. JT will be tazed by an X-26 Tazer.
3. Rocco will receive a Ranger Up tattoo.