Imad Mughniyah — Dead Hezbollah Terrorist

anak imad mughniyah jihad

Jihad Mughniyah

Imad Mughniyah WAS (in 2008 he got whacked by the CIA/Mossad) Iran’s top terrorist operative responsible for hundreds of deaths of innocent Americans and Jews.

Recently his terrorist son, Jihad Mughniyah was evaporated by a missile and now the Iranians are really mad, thus launching attacks against Israel. Put all this against the instability of the Middle East and man, we got some serious problems.

The more you unravel the Iranian quest for NUKES, the more frightening the story develops.

Imagine, Apocalyptic Ayatollahs with mega-destructive toys, let loose in a Sunni sand box and guess what you get? Dead Americans, Dead Jews and Dead Muslims. These Islamic Shia’ Supremacists want control of Saudi oil, Saudi Mecca and Jerusalem and they KNOW that the way to achieve their Satanic objectives is to get their hands on red hot Plutonium! Thank Allah, we have President Obama standing between the Free World and Armageddon!

This three-part series will tell you all you need to know that President Obama is the worst person in the world to trust with smashing Iran. God help us.


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