The Nonsense of Open Borders

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Jeb Bush

Liberal Republican presidential contender and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated “I can persuade conservatives on amnesty.”  Of course, Bush is referring to the federal government’s refusal to build a viable fence and enact reasonable measures to protect our republic from the vicious hordes of invading illegal immigrants.  I find this most infuriating.  Here we unfortunately have individuals who voluntarily run for political office. Those fortunate enough to fool us and win election take an oath of office.  That oath includes swearing or affirming to defend and uphold the United States Constitution.  The Constitution itself instructs office holders to defend the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic.

So when I see, read, or hear about congress and the president or any individual more willing to govern on behalf of illegal immigrants than for example ranch owners killed by illegal immigrants, it is high time to make  some logical changes.  I am sure that Jeb Bush and every other presidential contender is well aware of the clear and present dangers presented by the teaming masses of illegal immigrants.  It does not matter if the majority of them are strolling into our country illegally for better opportunities.  The United States is a nation of laws and illegal immigrants are continuously breaking our immigration laws.  Thus they are law breakers and should be dealt with accordingly.  If the current president, presidential candidates or those in the legislative branch care so much about those living in impoverished conditions in other countries, perhaps setting a better example would be better in the long run.

What I am zeroing in here is that the United States should first begin to once again restore real economic growth and authentic opportunities for Americans!  After which, the United States should export those worthy free market concepts to other nations like Mexico and Honduras, for example.  The only thing happening now regarding thirty million illegals in our republic is that they are replacing numerous Americans in the workplace throughout the country.  To add insult to injury, those born in America and are blessed to have a job or run a business are forced to foot the bill for a myriad of government/Obama administration hands to the illegals. Those handouts include medical care, nice houses, drivers licenses, automobiles, education and more.

If the federal government officials in office continue to refuse to show disregard for the republic they were elected to serve, then perhaps we would be better off if they go and serve in Mexico or some other nation whose values they hold in higher esteem than ours. After all, those in office who won’t even work to secure our borders are doing the bidding of the United Nations agenda 21 effort to do away with our national sovereignty.  To add insult to injury, the federal government refusal to properly secure the borders has opened wide the door of opportunities for dedicated muslims from around the world to freely saunter into our republic.  So now, I believe that some of earths most dangerous dedicated muslim terrorists are comfortably encamped within the United States and could soon unleash destructive terrorist havoc.  I believe it will not be on the level of the 9-11 attacks that obliterated the World Trade Center, but brutal none the less.

The dedicated muslim group ISIS has threatened to murder Americans in America.  Cities like Dearbornistan, MI could in my opinion house beehives of terrorist planning activities.  History will prove whether I am right or wrong. But it is fool hearty for our elected officials to leave this nation so vulnerable to the possibility of a dedicated muslim terrorist attack.  I am still shocked and amazed that president Obama has not been taken to the wood shed for doing the traitorous bidding  of the United Nations.  Remember when he threatened the state of Arizona because of the effort to simply secure that states border with Mexico?

No nation of any major significance has ever remained so after losing or giving up their border security.  Such utter nonsense cannot be tolerated, unless of course the goal is to rid the United States of her God given sovereignty.   Progressives like Presidential advisor Valerie Jaret and Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch support the very open border policies that could be the undoing of this, the greatest nation EVER!  If the government big wigs will not secure the borders, then sadly history will reveal the extreme stupidity, and betrayal exhibited by those we elect.  That will be the just reward granted “We the People” if we shrink from the challenge to restore the Love of God and country throughout our beloved republic.

May God bless America and may America bless God.