Obama’s Appeases Jihadis, ISIS, While They Plan Their Caliphate

While ISIS continues to gain strength in the Middle East and the Obama Administration claims to be building a coalition to fight them, a fundamental question must be addressed: Why has the Pentagon refused to back the Egyptian bombing of I.S.I.S. in Libya after Christian Egyptians were slaughtered?  Despite the fact that this administration backed the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi, who was later ousted in a legitimate election, Egypt’s president, El Sisi, has taken retaliatory action against this terrorist group by bombing their camps, killing over 150 and capturing 55 prisoners, proving he’s serious about terrorism.

When Obama states that ‘ISIL. is not Islamic,’ is he reinforcing the fact that he is an ideologue fixated on semantics, or is he adhering to the dictates of ‘Blasphemy Laws,’ which prohibit any criticism of Islam? After all, he has a symbiotic relationship with Islam through his family progeny.

The Summit for Defeating Terrorism, Obama’s response to recent global terrorist attacks, was opened with a Muslim prayer by Shekh Sa’ad Musse Roble, president of the World Peace organization, in Minneapolis, while other faiths were not represented and media coverage was very selective. At the summit, President Obama stated, “It’s a falsehood that they embrace Islam.” Further saying, “War with Islam is an ugly lie.” Surprisingly, some of the participants that were invited were Nicole Mossalom, Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Boston and figures from the controversial Cambridge Mosque, attended by the infamous Boston Marathon Bombers.

At present, Italy is preparing for a potential I.S.I.S. air attack based on reputable intelligence, and has closed its embassy in Libya, while Obama’s State Department spokesperson, Marie Harf states, “We cannot win the war on terror, nor can we win the war on I.S.I.S. by killing them.  We need to get to the root cause of terrorism and that is poverty and the lack of opportunity in the terrorist community.” Hasn’t this government learned anything since 9/11?

Has the State Department’s Harf, forgotten about John Kerry’s $200 M “Jobs Program for ‘Would be Jihadists,’? The program, entitled, “The Global Fund for Community Engagement and Resilience,” launched in October, 2013, at the Global Counter terrorism Forum in conjunction with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was intended to ‘support local communities and organizations to counter extremist ideology and promote tolerance, essentially by giving potential jihad terrorists money and jobs.’ Unfortunately, this initiative was based on the false premise that poverty and lack of employment causes terrorism, despite studies that refute this.

Now here we stand, two years later, after spending $200 million American tax dollars, and the Middle East has become a hotbed with the birth of I.S.I.S, new terrorist groups and the gruesome genocide of innocent civilians. The denial and appeasement of the root cause of global terrorism, Islam, by Western leaders is leading the civilized world down a very dangerous path.

Although our leaders portray each Islamic terror act as being random, or caused by the defaming of the Prophet Mohammed, there are a number of common denominators that may ultimately link all of the global Muslim terror groups, despite their Sunni or Shite sects according to former CIA counterterrorism expert, Clare Lopez, and that is their hatred of America and Israel, the promotion of shariah, silencing any criticism of Islam by the enforcement of Blasphemy Laws and the ultimate desire for a global Islamic caliphate.

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