Defending Child Traffickers: Who Cares About their Victims?


Location of callers to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline.(National Human Trafficking Resource Center). For a larger view click on the map.

The State of Florida holds the title as one of the most popular places for child trafficking, where children’s lives are ripped from them and never restored and predators receive light sentences for their merciless crimes, if any sentences at all; while brilliant lawyers come to their rescue.

But who comes to rescue the victims left in a state of post-traumatic stress disorder for the rest of their lives, often ended early from suicide, murder, or overdoses of mind-numbing drugs to which they became addicted during their trafficking days, supplied by the predators who owned them for profit and prey?

In just days, a brilliant lawyer whose name we all know, Mr. Alan Dershowitz, will be celebrated by many hundreds of persons in Sarasota, Florida, in the same state where he is being sued for defamation by two lawyers who represent young girls enslaved by a voracious predator, whom Dershowitz befriended and zealously defended… so zealously that the trafficker received a sentence of merely 13 months in  jail, not prison, separated from fellow inmates who do not take kindly to child molesters, with release time of 16 hours per day.

spank meLet’s turn now to the victims…. who can be found in middle class and upper class neighborhoods, surprisingly to some.  They can be seen on the Internet, where their identifiable photographs are posted.  In the following photographs, Jewish children are displayed on the Internet.  A young teenage girl is shown in a provocative pose, with the caption “Spank me” (photo left) her inappropriate picture.

boy prostituteA young teenage boy (pictured right) is dressed as a girl, with the words “the prostitute” printed under his photo.

boy prostitute in leopard skinA young teenage boy poses (photo left) in lady’s leopard lounging pajamas, with his head covered by a fur hat and long pig tails cascading down his chest.  Is this a “dancing boy,” as they are known, who provides entertainment for predators at infamous parties of the rich and famous?

All of these photographs were found on ordinary Internet sites with easy public accessibility and containing the real names of the children depicted; yet, no authorities are protecting these children.

If predators are ever prosecuted, maybe after decades, as in the case of Penn State’s criminal cover-up of heinous crimes against children committed on site year after year, will more prominent lawyers line up to defend them; while the lawyers  simultaneously castigate, denigrate, interrogate, and ridicule the poor victims?  Society can either sanction the unthinkable by celebrating traffickers and their successful defenders or cry out for the sanctity of childhood.  Which is it?  Every single voice counts in this race to morality or depravity.  Which is it for you?

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